Town of Holderness Wetlands


A booklet detailing the Official Wetlands Inventory of the Town of Holderness, as prepared by the Holderness Conservation Commission is available at the Town Office. Pursuant to NH Revised Statutes Annotated 483-A:7 (I & II)  and a vote of the Holderness Town Meetings of 14 March, 1978 and 10 March 1981 a list of 72 wetlands was constructed. The town designated these as  prime wetlands and registered those wetlands with the State of NH, Department of Environmental Services. DES has digitized those wetlands and they can be view by visiting the GRANIT website. Listed below is a table of the first five wetlands. Others will be added as time goes by.

Wetland Id # Location of Wetland Wetland Classification Size in acres/hectares Soil type Vegetative Cover (%) Vegetative Interspersion Type of Site Vegetative Crown Vegetative Understory Hydrologic Proximity Comments/Importance
1 Adjacent to and east of Coxboro Road, 2,4000 ft from Shepard Hill Road jct. SF-2, M-1 0.3/0.12 1-B 76-95p 1 1 willow, SA, holly fern, moss, spirea 1  
2 East side of and adjacent to Coxboro Rd., at Old Ice Landing SS-1 0.2/0.08 1-B 95+ 1 4 alder, ash, RM marshgrass, ferns 2  
3 Coxboro Rd., at bridge 3/4 mile from Center Harbor town-line SF-2 wqoded 0.1/0.04 1-B 95+ 1 1 elm, GB, ash, RM, aspen arrow wood, willow, ferns, SA 1  
4 Across Coxboro Rd. from the above WS-1, SS-2, M-1 6.2/2.51 1-B 76-95p 2 5 RM, GB, balsam fir SA, RM, spirea, winterberry holly, wild raisin, mosses, nanyberry, cattails, willow, wetland meadow, grasses 3  
5 East side of Coxboro Rd., at Center Harbor town line, adjacent to small cemetery SF-2 0.4/0.16 1-B 95+ 1 5 SA is major veg. component/RM SA, winterberry, holly 3