Memos, Site visits, etc.


Site visits

2007 January 28--Webster Corporation Proposed Cut on 208-01   

2006 April 19--Butternut Lane Site Visit

Memos and Letters

2006 November 15--Letter to DES on Reynolds Subdivision

2006 November 16--Amended letter to DES on Reynolds Subdivision

2007 July--Letter to DES asking reconsideration on the Snowy Owl Subdivision

2007 September 10--Memo to Selectboard on a variety of topics

2007 September 13-- Memo to Planning Board on Snowy Owl Subdivision (Adopted at the 13th of September meeting)

2007 November 15--Memo to Selectboard concerning annual request for Penalty Tax monies for Conservation Fund (Adopted at the 15 nOVEMBER MEETING)



2007 Town Meeting--Carbon Coalition Resolution