Our monthly agendas are listed below (from the most recent to the oldest)



13 April 2010--4 PM, Townhall


9 March 2010--4 PM, Townhall


09 February 2010--4 PM, Townhall


12 January 2010,--4 PM, Townhall


bullet12 May 2009--4 PM, Townhall
bullet12 April 2009--4 PM Townhall
bullet10 March 2009-4 pm, Townhall
bullet10 February 2009-4 pm, Townhall
bullet13 January 2009-4 pm, Townhall


bullet9 December 2008--4 pm, Townhall
bullet18 November 2008--4 pm, Townhall
bullet19 October 2008
bullet2008 September 17--Short meeting at 6:30 before Regional Meeting of Conservation Commission, Room 001, Boyd Hall, PSU
bullet2008 June 17--4 PM Townhall
bullet2008 May 12--4 PM, Townhall
bullet2008 April 15--4 PM. Townhall
bullet2008 March 18--4 PM, Townhall
bullet2008 February 19--4 PM, Townhall


bullet2007 December 13--We will be meeting from 4 to 5:30 because of scheduling conflicts
bullet2007 November 15  Note:  This meeting has been rescheduled from the 8th of November
bullet2007 October 11 (NOTE: This meeting was cancelled and rescheduled for the 16th of October)
bullet2007 September 13
bullet2007 May--Field visit to wetland on the Holderness-Campton border, no agenda needed
bullet2007 April 19
bullet2007 March 29--Informal meeting, no agenda
bullet2007 February 15
bullet2007 January 18


bullet2006 December 12
bullet2006 November 14
bullet2006 October 10
bullet2006 September 20
bullet2006 May 17
bullet2006 April 19--Note meeting will start at 7:30 pm rather than 7:00 because of informal meeting of the members of the Commission with Fred Allen of Pemi Fish and Game Club
bullet2006 February 15
bullet2006 January 19--No agenda as the meeting was a joint meeting of the Baker-Pemi River Conservation Commissions held at Plymouth State University


bullet2005 May 18
bullet2005 September 15
bullet2005 October 27
bullet2005 November 17
bullet2005 December 15


bullet2004 October 20
bullet2004 September 15
bullet2004 June 15
bullet2004 May 19
bullet2004 April 21
bullet2004 March 18
bullet2004 February 18
bullet2004 January 21


bullet2003 December 17
bullet2003 November 19
bullet2003 October 15


bullet2002 December 12
bullet2002 November 13
bullet2002 October 9
bullet2002 September 18