New Hampshire Climate Change Resolution


To see if the town will go on record in support of effective actions by the President and the Congress to address the issue of climate change which is increasingly harmful to the environment and economy of New Hampshire and to the future well being of the people of Holderness


These actions include:


  1. Establishment of a national program requiring reductions of U. S. greenhouse gas emissions while protecting the U. S. economy.
  2. Creation of a major national research initiative to foster rapid development of sustainable energy technologies thereby stimulating new jobs and investment.


In addition, the town of Holderness encourages New Hampshire citizens to work for emission reductions within their communities, and we ask our Selectmen to consider the appointment of a voluntary energy committee to recommend local steps to save energy and reduce emissions.


The record of the vote on this article shall be transmitted to the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation, to the President of the United States, and to declared candidates for those offices