Town of Holderness

                                                                                    Conservation Commission

                                                                                    Holderness, NH 03245


Mr. Thomas S. Burack, Commissioner Is this the right person?  Or is it Michael Nolin? 

DES Wetlands Bureau

PO Box 95

29 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH 03302


Dear Mr. Burack,


The Holderness Conservation Commission respectfully requests a Reconsideration of a Permit issued by the DES Wetlands Bureau on July 11, 2007.  The permit number is 2006-02635-Rolliln and Paula Reynolds – Tax Map 221-006.


This application was received by NH DES Wetlands Bureau on October 04, 2006 and the Conservation Commission was notified to that effect on October 16, 2006.


The area being impacted is largely steep slopes and important wildlife habitat.   The Conservation Commission sent a letter dated November 1 citing reasons the DES should refuse to issue a permit.  (In retrospect, the DES file number on the letter was incorrect and the tax map number was used)  An acknowledgement of the receipt of the November 1 letter was sent from DES to the Holderness Conservation Commission on November 16.  A follow-up letter clarifying the location of an existing driveway on Lot 1 of the subdivision plan once used to access the land currently in question, and adjacent to the proposed wetlands filling site, was dated November 26, 2006.


The request for more information from the Reynolds dated December 27, 2006 was received by the Conservation Commission.  According to this letter, if the requested information was not received by April 26, 2007, the permit would have been denied.


From that time (December 29, 2006) until the second week of June the Commission heard nothing about the permit application.  Members of the Conservation Commission as well as the Planning Board, by then, considered the application a dead issue. 


A letter from A&D Klumb Environmental, LLC dated June 13, 2007 referenced the DES letter of December 2006 and was “in direct response to that letter –“.  The letter described changes that would make the project a minor project rather than a major, changes in location of the crossing of Owl Brook and changes in location of wetland areas near Perch Pond Road.   A statement that no vernal pools were found on the property in the month of May 2007 was also included.


Based on this letter, a permit was issued by DES on July 11, 2007.


On July 27, two members of the Conservation Commission, Anne Packard and Jacque Jewell looked through the DES file of the Reynolds’ Application.   There was a letter from Klumb Environmental, LLC dated May 15, 2007 requesting an extension of the application to June 15 because the vernal pools had not yet ‘opened up’.  The Conservation Commission had not been notified of this extension, or of the fact that DES considered the application still open.  Coincidentally, wood frogs and peepers had been very audible in the vicinity of the proposed subdivision in the month of April.


The Holderness Conservation Commission requests that the NH DES Wetlands Board reconsider the issuing of this permit.  At the very least the application should be resubmitted in its current form so that Holderness Conservation Commission can have input.  The Commission would also request that DES respond to the comment that a driveway access to the upland property does, indeed, exist.


If there are any questions about this request please contact:


Anne T. Packard

166 Seven Pines Road

Holderness, NH 03245