Date:  31 January 2007


To:  Members, Holderness Conservation Commission; Frosty Sobetzer, Forester, Wagner Woodlands


CC: Walter Johnson, Town Administrator; Anne Abear, Town Secretary


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair, Holderness Conservation Commission


Subject:  Site Visit to Webster Corporation Proposed cut


I met Frosty Sobetzer on Monday the 28th at 11:30 am at the boundary line between Campton and Holderness on Perch Pond Road. He works for Wagner Woodlands, the company that manages the Webster Corporation forests. We proceeded to the log yard that will service the proposed cut (lot 208-01 of the Webster Corporation property). We parked at the log yard and walked through the woods to the site of the proposed cut. Frosty filled me in on details of past cuts on the property, particularly a thinning that was done in the 70s to a White Pine stand. The purpose of the visit was to determine the extent of the wetland in the vicinity of the proposed White Pine cut. According to our wetland inventory, the cut will be adjacent to Wetland #65, Little Perch Pond Swamp (51 acres). The wetland map shows this to be a small thumb proceeding eastward from the Campton-Holderness town line, but the depiction on the Granit website, indicates a more extensive complex. The area was covered with roughly 10 to 20 cm of snow. From our survey of the proposed cut and the forest surrounding it, it appears that Frosty will be able to access the area without crossing any wetlands (there appears to be enough upland area to the south of the proposed cut for access). We continued north from the White Pne stand and walked to the small creek that passes through the wetland complex. The cut will be south east of this creek. I would suggest that the Commission put a visit to this wetland on our priorities list for a visit late spring/early summer. Frosty indicated he would be happy to assist us in that visit.