Holderness Conservation Commission

Holderness, NH 03245


22 November 2006






Ms. Jocelyn Degler

Department of Environmental Services

Wetlands Bureau

6 Hazen Drive  PO Box 95

Concord, NH  03302-0095





Dear Ms. Degler:


The Commission recently sent you a letter about the following case: DES File number 061102-02. We would like to amend our letter of 15 November. It is my understanding (from a conversation that you had with another member of the Commission on the 15th of November) that if there is upland access to lots via another lot owned by the subdividers then use of that property for access is preferred over access that requires the filling of wetlands.  In this case, this is appears to be a true statement. There is upland access to the other lots of the subdivision over a lot that was set aside from the other lots (the lot the owner’s house now sits on).


As we stated in our letter, under the present circumstances, we are against the approval of this wetland filling project for the reasons pointed out in our letter of the 15th. If, the owners were to provide access via upland property, we see no need for the approval of this filling of a wetland.


On behalf of the Commission,




Larry T. Spencer, Chair


cc: Members, Holderness Conservation Commission; Earl Hansen, Chair, Planning Board; Board of Selectmen