To:  Conservation Commission Members           cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


RE: Minutes of the Commission Meeting  held 15 September 2004.

Date:  19 October 2004


Agenda Items

  1. Approval of June meeting minutes—approved as distributed
  2. Gravel pit matters
    1. Outcomes of the summer ZBA meetings –selectmen withdrew proposal, ZBA voted to mark it withdrawn with prejudice. In Pemi Fish and Game club newsletter item about looking for a spreader to spread lime and phosphate. There was a question as to whether that would change the solubility of the lead. EPA has suggestions concerning this type of reclamation.  Barbara will talk to Selectboard to see if Anne can visit with Board on the 27th of September to talk about this matter and other matters on reclamation.
  3. Permits and other matters (TBD—to be determined by visit to mail box)
  4. Matters from the last meeting
    1. Meeting with Alex Ray, Roger LaRochelle and myself—Chair will write letter to Alex to get his informal agreement about trespass into writing.
    2. Items for the NHACC newsletter-Anne will forward those items as soon as she is able to get her computer working reliably
    3. Discussion with owner of Swainey Brook property—still playing telephone tag.  The ball is in his court now.
  5. Fall meetings:
    1. Lakes Region Planning Commission
    2. New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissions—6 November
    3. New Hampshire Watershed Conference—13 November
    4. Forest Laws Workshop—12 and 14 October
    5. Setting schedule of Fall HCC meetings
      1. 20 October (Work on budget)
      2. 17 November
      3. 15 December (Work on annual report)
  6. Old Business
    1. Timber Cuts—Ed Ford, lots on Smith and Seven Pines, several permits
    2. Trail from Central School to Town Forest—Jacque will follow up again with land owners
    3. Conservation Fund grants—members should look at website and come prepared to work on a proposal.
  7. New Business
    1.  Decision as to which wetland to visit next.—Butternut Road at 5:30.  Take road to the back of the property
    2. Organization of upstairs work area—Group examined the new arrangement of the upstairs space.
    3. Examination of laminated maps—The Commission spent a fair amount of time goig over the maps.
    4. Trail work on Pilotte Property—Chair mentioned the hours he had worked on the property this past summer.  He will meet Reggie there on the 20th at 2pm to examine what work might be done by students for Holderness School.
    5. Possible meeting in October with Steve Kahl, new Center for the Environment Director—Chair will contact other Commissions and determine best date
    6. Election of commission officers—All the following positions were by unanimous vote.  For Chair, Larry spencer, for Vice Chair, Anne Packard, for Secretary, Jaque assisted by Anne
  8. Other Business
    1. Question of beaver ponds on the Mountain Road over Sandwich.  Are they wetlands? Probable answer.  Yes, they are, but they may be too small to be prime wetlands.
    2. Chair mentioned the Green Map exhibit at the Silver Cultural Arts Center
    3. Fish and Game Property—Jacque will contact Dick Mardin and also talk more with the property manager, Shawn



CC members in attendance





2004 Holderness Conservation Commission Members:  Mike Barney, Reggie Pettit, Anne Packard, Jacque Jewell, Larry Spencer, Chair, Barbara Currier, Selectperson