To:  Conservation Commission Members           cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


RE: Minutes of the Commission Meeting held 19 May 2004 at19:00 in the Town Hall.


Date:  15 June 2004


Attendance:  Jacque, Mike, Anne and myself.  Representing the Selectboard, Barbara


Agenda Items

  1. Approval of April meeting minutes—approved as distributed
  2. Welcome to new member, Mike Barney
  3. What’s next with respect to the Pemi Fish and Game gravel pit project?
    1. Joint visit by Commission and Selectboard to the gravel pit on the 4th of May (6:00 pm or so)—In attendance were Anne, Jacque, and myself of the Commission, Paul Weston, Town Administrator, Peter Furmanic, Roads and Peter Webster and Peter Francesco representing the Selectboard. Paul provided all with a memo of the visit.  That memo needs to be corrected to indicate that Commission felt very strongly about the taking of gravel from Phase I which they believe to be to intimately related to the prime wetland and suggested that the other phases be done first. Peter Furmanic agreed that the other phases would be easier to accomplish because of location.
    2. Material put together by Jacque, Anne and Reggie—We discussed the material submitted to the commission by Anne, Jacque and Reggie. Anne moved that we adopt the document and that the document be submitted to the ZBA at their hearing.  Jacque seconded the motion and the vote was 4:0 in favor. Jacque will present the document.
    3. Outcome of the ZBA meeting held 18 May 2004—Meeting was held. Lawyers present were Laura Spector for the Selectboard, Michael and Bates for Pemi Fish and Game and Bernie Waugh for the ZBA. The outcome of the meeting was a postponement until the 9th of June as two of the ZBA members had to recuse themselves, leaving less than a full board for the hearing.
    4. Letter to Planning Board about restoration of previous gravel pit work at Pemi Fish and Game—Commission discussed letter to Planning Board.  It was moved by Anne and seconded by Jacque that the Commission submit the letter to the planning board. The vote in favor was 4-0.  Jacque will see that the Planning Board gets the letter.
  4. Permits and other matters (TBD—to be determined by visit to mail box)
    1. Letter from Litter Free NH—Chair will fill in the questionnaire concerning trash pickup and submit to Litter Free NH. It was decided to pick two elm trees and to plant at two possible locations, one near Chesley’s and the other where Beede and Perch Pond Roads meet.
    2. Friday Conservation Workshops, 2004—information distributed, some interest in attending from some members
    3. Notice from NH Lakes Association
    4. NHACC newsletter
      1. Next annual meeting will be the 6th of November in Concord
      2. Discussion of submission of material.  Anne will write up PSU day and send to me.
    5. Community Tree Steward Volunteers—idea was discussed based on brochure received from Cooperative Extension service.
    6. Intents to cut
      1. Richard Currier, 20 acres, rt 175, parcel 237, lost 23 and 24
      2. Scott Pulsifer, 30 acres, rt. 175, lot 29
      3. John White, Jr., 9/14 acres, owlbrook, 238, lot 6
      4. True Farm (Richard and Florence Butler), 14/45 acres, 217, lot 12
      5. Peter Harris (Webster Properties), 50/140, 208, lot 1—Anne, Jacque and Mike will check this, as it might be the cut that was stopped because of wetland crossings.


  1. Matters from the last meeting
    1. Butternut Drive matter—3 lots, memo from Dick Mardin about 2 lots.  Spec houses, designed systems for high ground, could not get the set back from wetland. 1st house close, but grandfathered, 2nd lot, 125 foot set back with changed design, so no need for variance, 3rd lot too close—running water on property.. ZBA gave a variance.  Anne presented letter to ZBA.  Anne will send me map # and lot # for minutes
    2. Visit to properties by Steve Walker and myself—Chair discussed process He passed the booklet from LCIP on to Anne who will read and then bring to next meeting to be passed on to other members.
  2. Spring-summer schedule of meetings, events and jobs:
    1. Possible visits to prime wetlands—Decided to meet early at our next meeting at 6:30 to view the Swainey Brook prime wetland.  Chair will call owners to see if they will be home
    2. Next meeting—16 June
    3. Summer schedules
      1. 22 May to 7 June—Anne
      2. 7 June to 24 July—Chair
      3. 24 July to 10 Auguust—Mike
      4. 10 August to September--Chair
  3. New Business
    1. Items from Doug McLane—Doug did not make meeting.
      1. Water bars on old mountain road (connecting Perch Pond to 113)—Should we recommend to selectmen that there be no motorized traffic on class six roads when not snow covered?? Peter Furmanicsaid that he thought it would be a simple matter to take a back hoe up from the Perch Pond Road side and repair water bars. This sounds like a good idea and we should follow it up with Peter.—We discussed the matter and decided not to do anything about it at this time.  It was felt that taking a backhoe up the road might do more damage than benefit. It was thought that access to the road might be blocked by boulders or something.
      2. Elm tree next to entrance to field house—I’ll write a letter to DOT. Bring to Paul’s attention and have him remind DOT engineers of the tree. One of the few “good” elm trees in the area.
    2. New Hampshire Coverts Program
    3. Future visit with Roger LaRochelle to the Smiths—I will talk to Roger and arrange for a meeting. It was also thought that Alex Ray had bought property on Mt. Prospect—Chair will contact Alex to determine whether this is true or not.
    4. Jacque mentioned that Bill Dunn is not interested in providing access to his property because of liability problems.


  1. Other Business—Jacque will send card on behalf of Commission to Reggie.


9.  Meeting ended at 9pm, minutes taken by Chair


CC members in attendance





2004 Holderness Conservation Commission Members:  Reggie Pettit, Anne Packard, Jacque Jewell, Larry Spencer, Chair, Barbara Currier, Selectperson