To: Conservation Commission Members           cc:  Selectboard and Public Notice

From:  Anne T. Packard

Date:  9 May 2004


Minutes of the Commission Meeting held 21 April 2004 at 19:00 in the town hall.


Agenda items:

          1.  Barbara Currier was welcomed back as the Selectboard representative on the


          2.  The visit to the gravel pit site that had been scheduled for the 28th April was

     changed to the 4th May because of school vacation and other schedules.

3.  Permits and other matters:

          a.  Linda Magoon from DES had already made an onsite observation of

     the Robie property about the fill.   A letter had been sent to the

     Selectmen and Barbara had contact the members.  We were to respond

     before April 16th if we wanted to be present at the inspection.  Ms

     Magoon was in the area on another matter and inspected the site and

     talked with Mr. Robie.   He is to remove the fill before 1 July of this


b.  DOT project across the street from the Post Office is on-going.

c.  Compliance Officer wants input from the Conservation Commission on

     two applications for variances for setbacks for leach fields on Butternut

     Road.  The Commission is reluctant to approve such variances.  Anne

     will call Dick to walk the property and then will write a letter to the

     ZBA for the 4 May meeting.

          4.  Larry Spencer had submitted a memo regarding an inquiry from John

     Jurzynski of Rockywold-Deephaven about a building site possibly being too

     close to a wetland.  Larry made an on-site visit to make suggestions to allow

     unobstructed drainage and commented that the materials being excavated were

     not hydric soils.

5.  A brief report of the meeting with land owners on April 14th was presented. 

     No landowners attended and it was decided to contact land owners


6.  A synopsis of the workshop in Weare was presented by Anne.  The majority of

     the workshops dealt with conservation stewardship of lands.

7.  PSU work day is 24 April

8.  The issue of whether or not the commission should have a ‘record keeper’ for

our meetings was discussed.  We didn’t feel like it was necessary.  Barbara

mentioned that we need accurate accounts of our meetings in the event of legal

matters.  We have no funds in our budget and the town would have to pay for the

services.  The consensus was that the commission was capable of taking their own

notes get getting them posted as soon as possible as all of the members have full

time jobs and other commitments.

9.  There has been a suggestion about adding water bars on the old mountain road

connecting Perch Pond Road to Route 113.  The initial inquiry was made by Doug

McLane and it was suggested that we invite Doug to one of our meetings to

present his concerns.

10.  The Elm tree next to the entrance of the field house was addressed.  We think

it might be the only true American Elm left in the area, the one in Plymouth was

removed for the library renovations.  Larry has suggested that he write a letter to DOT engineers reminding them of the importance of this tree.  It was unanimously agreed that Larry be permitted to write this letter.

11.  The town office and Barbara could not retrieve the minutes from the last meeting.  What might be wrong.

12 Meeting adjourned at 9:09pm.


Submitted by Anne T. Packard