To:  Conservation Commission Members           cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


RE: Draft Minutes of the Commission Meeting held 21 January 2004 at19:00 in the Town Hall


Date:  22 January


Agenda Items

  1. Approval of December  meeting minutes—approved as distributed. Note that Pettitt is spelled with two “t”s
  2. Reports on meetings and committees
    1. Master Plan—Anne, Jacque and Barbara attended the January 8th meeting. The meeting was run by two consultants.  There were 42 people in attendance. The group was broken up into two working groups. Each group examined what they would like to see happen in Holderness in the future. Groups came bck together and discussed common ideas. Consultants will put together a report of those ideas and that list will be used by the Master Plan group to develop the next master plan. Many issues were associated with the matters the Commission typically deals with.
  3. Permits and other matters (TBD—to be determined by visit to mail box)
    1. Memorandum from Lycott Environmental. They have been hired by the Squam Lakes Association to manage 1.6 acres of mifoil that is found in the cove occupied by the Kimbell Marine Services on Little Squam. They have applied for a permit from the NH Division of Pesticide Control.
    2. Permit to cut—Richard and Florence Butler, X acres on the east side of Perch Pond Road, Tax Map/Lot 217/12, granted through 30 June 2004
    3. Permit to cut—Hollis Willoughby, Jr.  X acres on west side of old Town Farm Road, Tap Map/Lot 223/6
  4. Matters from the last meeting
    1. Dembiec-Demers-Apparently no response has been received at the Town Office, nor have I received a response.
    2. Plymouth Well-head protection meeting—Chair attended meeting held at the Pease Library the evening of the 20th of January. The Plymouth Village Water and Sewer District has applied for a reclassification of the area surrounding their wells to go from GA1 to GAA (this means that they will be able to monitor actions within the wellhead protection zone). I testified that the Conservation Commission was in favor of the re-classification. The Commission voted to send written memo to NHDES concerning our position (3-0).
    3. Jacque’s letter to property owners about possible trail.—We will take up this matter at our February meeting
    4. Final copy of commission report (attached)—draft was discussed and corrections were made. Chair will send corrected copy to Paul for inclusion in the town report.
    5. Prime wetland adjacent to gravel pit of Pemi Fish and Game property. Has there been any response to memo.—Corrected memo has been typed on Commission letterhead and was distributed to Selectboard and Planning Board for their discussion.
    6. PSU ice skating rink and PSU campus plan—Paul and members of selectboard have met with PSU officials and have been informed of new plans for the campus.  There will be a meeting on the 2nd of February.—Chair will attend that meeting
    7. Memo from Earl Hansen concerning grant for River Street lot purchases—No further information has been received from Earl concerning this project. One possible element of the PSU Master Plan involves purchase of properties along River Street and conversion of same into “park”.
  5. Winter schedule of meetings, events and jobs:
    1. Open house day—suggested for the first part of March.  More plans will be made at our February meeting.
    2. Spring Meetings
      1. 18 February
      2. 17 March
      3. 21 April       
      4. 19 May
    3. Town Meeting—2nd Wednesday in March (10th?)
  6. Other Business
    1. Barbara brought up some issues being discussed by the Selectboard.  They include:
      1. Resurfacing of the recreation path.  Present surface material has eroded in a number of places. Selectboard would like NHDOT to resurface whole path with more suitable material. NHDOT only wants to make repairs and not resurface whole path.  Impass at the moment
      2. Bridge plans for 175a bridge.  Barbara mentioned article in recent issue of Record Citizen concerning the status of the bridge. Essence was that the temporary bridge and the permanent replacement may have some problems with ice jams. NHDOT is dealing with those issues
    2. Chair mentioned proposed changes to the Pemigewaset Overlay District (to be proposed by the Planning Board at the Town Meeting). Commission was in favor of changes. Chair will send memo to Selectboard and Planning Board indicating our support. Question arose as to why we didn’t receive a draft copy (Paul—Why wasn’t this put in our box?)




CC members in attendance



Larry Spencer, Jacque Jewell, and Barbara Currier. Jacque mentioned that Anne was sick. Karen Pettitt attended the meeting to take notes for her husband Reggie as he had an away ice hockey game.


2003 Holderness Conservation Commission Members:  Reggie Pettitt, Lynn Morrison, Anne Packard, Jacque Jewell, Larry Spencer, Chair