To:  Conservation Commission Members           cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


RE: Minutes of the Commission Meeting held 17 December 2003 at19:00 in the Town Hall


Date:  20 January 2004


Agenda Items

  1. Approval of November  meeting minutes—approved as distributed
  2. Reports on meetings and committees
    1. Master Plan—Did anyone attend the December meeting? NO. Jacque and Anne said that they would try to attend the January meeting. Paul indicated that the meeting would be lead by an outside specialist.
  3. Permits and other matters (TBD—to be determined by visit to mail box)
    1. Permits to Log
      1. Perch Pond. 30 acres. Webster. Pulp and misc. Mike Powers, Wagner Woodlands.
      2. Briggs, Shepard Hill, 15 acres.
  4. Matters from the last meeting
    1. Dembiec-Demers-New letter from Frank Demers and discussion of draft response to his letter. Commission discussed Chair’s letter and voted to send the letter to Mr. Demers.
    2. Memo to Dick Mardin concerning Pinehurst road, Bennet cove matter. Chair called Dick Mardin.  Proposers will hire/have hired a soil scientist to delineate the soils on the property before going further with their proposal.
  5. Fall schedule of meetings, events and jobs:
    1. November—work on budget—Paul indicated that there were no monies in the penalty tax returns.  Discussion of memo that I sent him concerning that matter. Selectboard will propose a line item for the budget.
    2. December—annual report—Draft was discussed and modified.  Chair will send corrected copy to commission members before January meeting.
  6. Conversations with Alan McNeil and invitation from him to view the Fish and Game Property on Beede Road—Chair was not able to contact him.  We will try for another visit this winter/spring.
  7. Question of dumping on the Fish and Game Property. Also there appears to be a prime wetland adjacent to gravel pit of Pemi Fish and Game property. Has Anne written memo? Commission discussed Anne’s memo and voted to send the memo on to the Planning Board
  8. PSU ice skating rink—discussion of memo sent to Richard Hage. Chair mentioned conversation with Paul Weston concerning the relationship between Holderness and the PSU master plan. He and Steve were invited to a session where the PSU planners discussed the PSU Master Plan. Paul indicated that there would be other meetings in the future and that the Commission will be invited to those meetings.
  9. Other Business
    1. Memo from Earl Hansen about potential grant to purchase properties on River Street. Commission was in favor of assisting him in any manner we might be helpful.



CC members in attendance



Larry Spencer, Jacque Jewell, Anne Packard, and Barbara Currier


2003 Holderness Conservation Commission Members:  Reggie Pettit, Lynn Morrison, Anne Packard, Jacque Jewell, Larry Spencer, Chair