To:  Conservation Commission Members           cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


RE: Minutes of the Commission Meeting held 15 October 2003 at19:00 in the Town Hall


Date:  18 November 2003


Agenda Items

  1. Approval of September  meeting minutes—approved as distributed
  2. Reports on meetings and committees
    1. Master Plan –Next meeting is 13 November—Some one from the commission should attend this meetings to represent the commission and to represent environmental matters.
  3. Permits and other matters
    1. Westwind Project was oked.
  4. Commission web site—report on progress—web site is back up and functioning.  Agenda and minutes will be posted on the site.  Minutes will also be posted on the town’s web site (at the virtual town hall web site) (
  5. Matters from the last meeting
    1. Dembeck-Demers question-Jacquie supposedly has sent has sent a letter.  We need copy for our records.
    2. Letter to Nash Realty—never called back.
    3. Open house at Pilote and Town Forest properties—decided to wait until winter for a “Winter Fun Day”
    4. Work on trails in town—Discussed more work on Pilotte Property.  Reggie will try to find some able bodied youth from Holderness School to do an afternoon of trail maintenance.
  6. Work done at Pemi Riverside Park-- Chair mentioned work at Pemi Riverside Park (cut weeds, picked up trash, cut some wood that was across trail).
  7. Fall schedule of meetings, events and jobs:
    1. November—NHACC annual meeting, Concord, 1 November, 8 am to 3:30 pm—Ann and Chair said they would attend.
    2. November—work on budget
    3. December—annual report
  8. Other business as needed
    1. Met with Betty Patterman concerning a dock on an abutter’s property.  Ms. Patterman showed materials from previous Selectboard indicating that they had corresponded with abutter about the dock.  Nothing had changed and nothing had been followed up.  Chair mentioned to Ms. Patterman that the Commission no longer has anything directly to do with seasonal docks and that she should contact the town Compliance Officer, Richard Mardin. Chair said that he would send materials to Mardin along with a note about the situation.  Copy of that note would be sent to Selectboard and to Sandra Crystal (person who Ms. Patterman had contacted at DES).
    2. Intent to Cut Materials

                                                             i.      Scot Pulsifer, 30 acre plot off 175N

                                                          ii.      Ed Ford, 45 acre plot off Smith Road

                                                        iii.      Ed Ford, 4 acre plot off Smith Road

                                                        iv.      Currier, 20 acre plot on 175

    1. Moose Plate proposals due 10 December.  Ann will look into this
    2. Ann will ask Jacquie to arrange for a Wednesday afternoon survey of possible route between Central School and Town Forest.
    3. Ann mentioned that she had been notified by Suzanne Peoples about a condominium project along the Pemi River.



CC members in attendance


Larry T. Spencer, Ann Packard, Reggie Pettit, and Lynn Morrison



2003 Holderness Conservation Commission Members:  Reggie Pettit, Lynn Morrison, Anne Packard, Jacquie Jewell, Larry Spencer, Chair