To: Conservation Commission Members cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From: Betsey Moran


RE: Minutes for the Commission Meeting held 11 December 2002 at 1900 in the Town Hall

Date: 12 December 2002


  1. Minutes of the November meeting were approved.


  1. Reports on meetings and committees
    1. Transfer Station Relocation and Planning Committee--Anne Packard

The committee has made a presentation to the Selectboard on design of the new station.

    1. Larry Spencer met with the Selectboard on 10 December 2002 as to budget. While the Selectboard turned down the line item for conservation funding for future acquisitions, a warrant article will be presented to the Town Meeting in March suggesting 50% of the change use penalty tax up to $5000 annually. It was agreed that we would attempt to publish the warrant item before the Town Meeting, including documentation on how many other towns use this method of funding for conservation acquisitions.
    2. Report from Jacque as to talks to owners about property easements Jacque talked with one of the property owners between HCS and the Town Forest who wants to think about it but seems to be willing to let the kids walk on the back of his property. The Town would pay for installation of a fence to protect his property. Jacque will continue with the discussion.
    3. Report on joint meeting with Campton Conservation Committee to discuss trails and other common items. Larry Spencer, Anne Packard, and Betsey Moran met with Jane Kellogg of the Campton Conservation Commission. It was agreed that a joint project would be beneficial to the residents of both towns; we agreed to continue discussions.


  1. Permits and other matters. (to be determined by visit to mail box) There was no mail for the Conservation Commission.


  1. Commission web site--how updates will be handled during my leave of absence Betsey Moran will email minutes, agenda and other pertinent documents to Larry while he is gone. He will post the files to the web site.


  1. Winter schedule of meetings, events and tasks to be accomplished
    1. 8 January-next scheduled meeting to discuss joint efforts with Squam Lakes Conservation Society. Warren Lake will provide information on landowners between HCS and Town and Pilote Forests.
    2. Winter open house will be discussed in January to determine if there is an available date.


  1. Commission Visitors
    1. Warren Lake, executive director of the Squam Lakes Conservation Society showed the commissioners a map of conserved properties in and near the Squam watershed. We agreed joint efforts would benefit both organizations.
    2. Reggie Pettitt (Holderness School) and Ron Reynolds (Holderness Central School) discussed a joint project with the Holderness School, Holderness Central and the Conservation Commission on GIS. Several projects were discussed as possibilities. Reggie and Ron will continue to research and decide which project is feasible. The time frame is March 3-13, with a concluding presentation to Town officials. A possible date for the presentation would be the Commission meeting on March 12.


  1. Tasks for the evening
    1. Annual Report was refined and accepted. Larry will send it on to Paul Weston.
    2. A position paper as to uses of Conservation Properties was adopted, with details to be filled in. The position paper will be posted on the website and will be available to be presented should the need arise.


  1. Other business as needed.

*      The Holderness Police Department requested use of either the Town Forest or the Pilote Forest for a rifle range. Chairman Spencer responded that these properties were not appropriate sites for a rifle range.

*      It was agreed that Chairman Spencer will hire George Frame to continue his forest management research on the Town Forest and Riverside Park, as 2002 funds permit.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 21:00.




CC members in attendance:


Jacque Jewell, Betsey Moran, Anne Packard, Larry Spencer - Chair






2002 Holderness Conservation Commission Members:

Lynn Johnson, Betsey Moran, Anne Packard, Jacque Jewell, Larry Spencer - Chair.