To:     Conservation Commission Members                           cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:           Betsey Moran


RE:     Minutes from the Commission Meeting held 13 November 2002

Date:  14 November 2002




  1. Minutes of the October meeting were approved.
  2. Reports on meetings and committees
    1. Transfer Station Relocation and Planning Committee--Anne Packard

Committee has had several meetings and made several site visits.  Design is in process; final site selection has not been made.

    1. Meeting with the Selectboard on 28 October 2002

Chairman Spencer met with the Selectboard on the following matters: Natural resource inventory done on the Pilote Forest, website is up and running, open house held in October, wetlands mapping done this year and a discussion of the use of town property for transfer station.  Next month the Conservation Commission will prepare a statement to reflect the commission’s position on the use town forest property to be available for the March Town meeting.

    1. NHACC annual meeting--Concord, 2 November

Chairman Spencer went to the NHACC annual meeting and learned the new DES regulations on boat slips.  The definition for boat slips in bodies of water less than 10,000 acres (such as Squam) is: a volume of water 20 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 3 feet deep as measured at normal high water mark and located adjacent to a structure to which a watercraft may be secured.  The application of the definition is: For the purposes of navigation and safety, the Wetlands Bureau will allow up to 2’ between slips and between slips and fixed objects.  The Bureau intends to pursue the policy of incorporating navigational space into structure design in future rule-making.  The definition is not used in the application of the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act.  The 20 ft setback still applies.  To calculate the number of slips allowed on a frontage: divide the feet of frontage by 75, then add one, thus property with 75 feet frontage would be allowed 2 slips.  No permit is required for replacement of a seasonal dock provided that the new structure conforms to DES criteria.  If a dock is new to the property or if the replacement structure does not conform to current criteria, a permit is required.  A copy of the Seasonal Dock Notification for Lakes and Ponds form is available from the Town office.

  1. Permits and other matters.
    1. Lakes Region Planning Commission is holding a meeting on Nov 19, 2002 on the Transportation Improvement Program.  Commissioners are invited to attend.
    2. Acknowledgment of receipt of the Wetlands permit application from John Cummings on Rte 113 – photos are required for permit.
    3. Acknowledgment of receipt of the Town of Holderness Wetlands permit application on Ta Da Dump road – for project to find survey points for dump capping.
    4. Bad Realty Company for project in Nottingham – Anne to forward paperwork to Nottingham.  Misdirected mail.
    5. Permit granted to Richard Fabian for retaining wall work
    6. Sierra Club NH chapter newsbrief on sewage sludge – stating their position against NH sludge regulations.  Currently Holderness regulations are the same as the state’s.
    7. NH is required to update its Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) in order to continue eligibility for federal Land and Water Conservation Fund money.  A draft is available online at: Commissioners are urged to review the draft and attend a meeting.  The document providing this information will be forwarded to the Holderness Recreation Committee for their input.
  2. Commission web site ( is up and running.
  3. Open House at the Pilote and Town Forest properties, discussion of outcomes and reports:

Betsey spoke with Sandy McLaughlin (our Open House visitor, along with her husband), Principal at Holderness Central School, about the use of the properties by school kids.  Sandy likes the idea and hopes to start some involvement in the spring.  Her initial thought is help with cleanup.  Significant involvement would be eased if there were a way to walk to the properties without going on public roads (thus necessitating buses or cars).

Anne spoke about the surrounding neighbors and found one who has been involved with the conservation activities in the past.  She and Jacque will pursue the possibility.

Larry suggested we consider an Open House in the winter for snowshoeing.  He then handed out a copy of the Town of East Kingston’s Conservation Lands brochure with maps of town properties and trails, with pictures and narrative.  We might consider doing one in the future.

  1. Continued discussion of and prioritization of suggestions made in the report submitted to us by George Frame:

During Larry’s discussion of the report with the Selectboard, the most important finding was that in the next few years we should remove dangerous trees along the trails.  The Selectboard was not concerned about the boundaries due to the fact that most of the boundary is connected to Town Farm Rd. 

George also suggested we apply for the American Forest Foundation Pioneer Tree Farm Certificate.  It is unclear if it costs money to do so.  A motion was made by Chairman Spencer to join, the motion was amended that we do so only up to a cost of $100, and the motion was approved.

  1. Questions about Valpey property.  Chairman Spencer did not have a chance to call Jim Mardis.
  2. Work on budget for the coming year:  the following budget was approved -

Acct 5912-20, Supplies,                         $    50

Acct 5912-21, Postage,                                 0

          Most of our communication is via fax or email

Acct 5912-23, Dues,                        150

          NH Conservation Assoc dues

Acct 5912-24, Training,                             200

          NHACC annual meeting and a few others

Acct 5912-26 (5?), Books/Periodicals          100

          Manual required for ArcView software and others

Acct 5912-?, better delineated wetlands   1200

          Budgeting 3 field days for continuation of mapping

Acct 5912-?, Conservation Fund               4000

Holderness has done little to set aside funds for future property acquisition to protect prime property.  An annual contribution to the Conservation Fund is urged; an eventual purchase would not require a one time huge expense.

Total                                         $5700


  1. Fall schedule of meetings and events and jobs
    1. 23 November, 9am--Joint meeting with Campton Conservation Committee to discuss trails and other common items.  We will meet at the River Street parking lot.
    2. December meeting—we will work on annual report and the position statement for the use of Town Forest property for the transfer station.
  2. Other business as needed: Chairman Spencer will be on sabbatical from December 19, 2002 through August 15, 2003.
  3. Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm




CC members in attendance:

Lynn Johnson, Betsey Moran, Anne Packard, Larry Spencer, Chairman



2002 Holderness Conservation Commission Members:

Jacque Jewell, Lynn Johnson, Betsey Moran, Anne Packard, Larry Spencer - Chair.