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Conservation Commission Minutes 02/09/10
The Town of Holderness, New Hampshire
PO BOX 203
February 9, 2010

Members Present: Chris Buckley, Janet Cocchiaro, Shelagh Connelly, Barbara Currier (4:37 PM), Anne Packard, and Larry Spencer (4:19 PM)
Members not Present: Jacqulyn Jewell and Betsy Whitmore
Others Present:

Regular Meeting - Call to Order
Ms. Connelly called the meeting to order at 4:17 P.M.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of 01/08/10 were approved as presented.

Permits & Other Correspondence
DES Shoreland Impact: Squam Lakes Association, Tax Map 241 Lot 40, for an addition to existing building and construction of an accessory structure
DES Minimum Impact (application & Notice of Administrative Completeness): Keniston, Tax Map 220 Lot 35, for restoration of 15’ of a 28’ boathouse concrete foundation. The Commission reviewed the application and found no objections based on the documents provided. It does not appear that slopes will be a concern during the construction phase.
DES Newsletter
DES Shoreland Permit: Graham, Tax Map 218 Lot 19, for addition to existing structure beyond the 50’ setback. The Commission reviewed the plans provided and determined that there were no issues to address.
Copy of letter sent to Donald Adie regarding conservation easement
Conservation Budget approved by Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee: the budget shows an increase over last year for consultation fees to help with mapping and property review.
Intent to Cut &Complete Forestry Notification: Webster Land Corp, Tax Map 207 Lot 9
NHTOA: Membership dues ($75) and newsletter: The Commission approved payment of the annual dues.

Old Business
Adie Response Letter: The letter was sent to Mr. Adie; the Commission approved the content. General discussion regarding procedures for development and processing of correspondence and reports ensued. Assignment for writing of letters will include either authority to mail directly without further commission review or the need for commission review at a meeting. All draft reports (monitoring, etc) will need full commission review at a meeting. Any correspondence may be sent to Ms. Huff for general review of spelling and grammar. Email correspondence shall be limited to meeting notifications, copies of correspondence, and information for discussion at a subsequent meeting; there shall be no replies to any correspondence via email, except for request for agenda items.
Littlejohn Dock Permit Appeal: Ms. Connelly sent a letter to DES as a result of the January meeting. At this point the Commission feels it has done all that is required.
Town Forest Monitoring Report: Mr. Spencer and Mr. Buckley will walk the lot.
Update on snow mobile trail adjacent to South River Street: A fenced corridor has been created across PSU land as a result of discussions between the snowmobile club and PSU. The intent is to have a permanent trail corridor.
Chabot Easement: There was general discussion regarding the report. It was agreed to forward the finished report, cover letter to the abutters, and list of follow-up items to the Board of Selectmen for their review and comment. Pictures will become a part of the report. The Commission would like a review of the property files to determine if permits were issued for the non-compliance issues and comments on how to proceed in the future. Mrs. Huff will provide the packet to the BOS and notify the Commission when the matter will appear on the BOS agenda.

Commission Goals: The Commission reviewed 2009 goals which generated a 2010 list. Ms. Connelly will provide a draft 2010 list to Ms. Huff for review at the next meeting. The list included:
  • Update resource maps, including prime wetlands – this will be done in conjunction with town mapping efforts
  • Communications between commission members via email have improved, meeting 91A compliance
  • Review of management plans and monitoring reports – the Commission agreed to the importance of maintaining a schedule for completion of reports and keeping good files.
  • Review of Dredge & Fill & Shoreland applications – attendance at training sessions will help with technical knowledge for better review; minutes should contain information regarding reviews, and a list of reviews should be maintained.
  • Overhaul the filing system: work has begun and will be ongoing in 2010
  • Better use of the website and development of digital file storage
  • Commission policies: organize for public and commission use; Mr. Spencer will provide copies of policies for review at the March meeting
  • Annual invitation to Chris Devine – SLA and Roger LaRochelle – SLCS
Property Management Plans: Mr. Spencer will contact George Frame, who did the Pilote and Town Forest plans, for updates of management plans. Plans should be developed for the other properties to include the monitoring report.

Natural Resource Inventory: Members will compile any information they have regarding the town’s resources for the April meeting. Roger LaRochelle will be invited to the meeting for his input.

Other Business
Vernal Pools: Mr. Spencer will contact the woman who called regarding vernal pools.
May Bio-Blitz: The event is scheduled for May 22; it will be on a smaller scale than last year.
Pilote Forest Signage Board: Mr. Spencer will contact the property owner in the spring.
Work Days: There was general discussion regarding using volunteers for trail clean-up and other projects. Mr. Spencer will schedule an open house if there is enough snow. Suggestions included an Earth Day event with Holderness School, repairing bridges on the Pilote property; an elementary school project at the Town Forest; and clean-up of the stream that runs across the Holderness Elementary School property with possible help from the Town Highway crew.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:47 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted,

Wendy J. Huff
Minutes Approved: March 9, 2010
Corrections: none

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