PO BOX 203


April 14, 2009


Members Present: Janet Cocchiaro, Barbara Currier, Anne Packard, and Larry Spencer – Chair

Members not Present: Shelagh Connelly, Jacqulyn Jewell, and Betsy Whitmore

Others Present:


Call to Order

Mr. Spencer called the meeting to order at 4:07 P.M.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of 3/10/09 were approved as approved.


Permits & Other Correspondence

DES permit: Littlejohn for seasonal dock approved 4/1/09.


Old Business

Plymouth State University letter – response: The Board felt the response to the issues raised was limited. Mr. Spencer noted that building in the flood plain is clearly against the state policy for flood plain areas.


March town meeting: All articles concerning conservation passed. There was agreement that it was good to have the school and town meeting on the same night.


Commission membership: The Board of Selectmen renewed appointments for Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Cocchiaro and appointed Ms. Connelly as a regular member.


New Business

Meetings: The NH Water Primer Workshop has been rescheduled to May 21, 2009 at Squam Lakes Association. There is a water resources workshop at DES on May 1.


Letter to Public Service: Mr. Spencer wrote a letter to PSNH asking that all motorized vehicles be prohibited from using the right-of-way between the Irving and Mobil stations. The turtle population has decreased, the road has been damaged, and there has been an increase in trash. There has been no response to the letter to date.


Trail work and clean-up: Mr. Spencer will meet with Reggie Pettitt at the Pilot property to determine clean-up needs prior to scheduling a work session in May. It was agreed that students needing community service time should be utilized for this property as well as Livermore Falls. Mrs. Cocchiaro will contact Plymouth High School and Mr. Spencer will contact Chief Patridge. A Holderness student involved in a GIS project will make a presentation at the commission’s May 12 meeting.


Prime Wetlands Site Visit: Mr. Spencer will contact Pemi Fish and Game to schedule a site visit for May 5, 2009 at 5:00 P.M. Upon confirmation he will notify members and everyone will meet at the clubhouse.


Booklets: Mr. Spencer briefly reviewed booklets regarding conservation that he will put in the library in the meeting room at Town Hall.


Old Business (cont)

Continued work on priorities, website organization, procedures:

ü      Mr. Spencer proposed that each member adopt one of the 7 conservation properties (Pilot, Chabot, Crawford, Riverside Park, Town Forest, Swasy Brook, and White Oak Pond) and create a reference notebook that would contain the following: log of people using the notebook, map, easement deed, survey reports, pictures, management plan, and possibly a biological inventory. That person would also be in charge of scheduling the annual site visit with another member. Consistent forms should be used for each notebook.

ü      Procedures for regular tasks were outlined as follows:

v      Mailbox & basket check: Mrs. Whitmore, with Ms. Packard as back-up, will review the items and send emails if there is an issue that should be addressed prior to the next meeting.

v      Timber Cut Application reviews: Ms. Packard, with Mr. Spencer as back-up, will review applications and bring concerns to Mr. Lorch.

v      Signing expedited permits: Mr. Spencer will remain the primary contact with Ms. Packard as back-up.


Holderness GIS Website: Everyone felt reasonably comfortable with using Maps-on-Line. The town computer will be left on for commission meetings.


Other Business

Pilot Forest: Mr. Spencer will review the management plan with the forester to determine if a cut is needed at this time to enhance the wildlife and forest growth.


Rivers Management Advisory Committee: Mr. Spencer reported that a bill is in the Senate that would sunset all non-regulatory committees in 2011 if passed. This would include the Rivers Management & Pemigewasset River Local Advisory Committees.


Vernal Pool Workshop: It was agreed that a workshop would not be scheduled for this year.


Lakes Region Planning Commission: Department heads and committee chairs will be invited to the Board of Selectmen meeting on April 27, 2009 to discuss common issues and to finalize the survey from LRPC.


White Oak Pond: Mrs. Currier will talk with the Board of Selectmen to determine the commission’s responsibilities with the property.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:05 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,



Wendy J. Huff



Minutes Approved: not yet approved