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February 10, 2009


Members Present: Janet Cocchiaro, Shelagh Connelly, Barbara Currier, Jacqulyn Jewell, Anne Packard, and Larry Spencer - Chair

Members not Present: Betsy Whitmore

Others Present:


Call to Order

Mr. Spencer called the meeting to order at 4:02 P.M.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of 12/09/08 were approved as presented. The minutes of 01/13/09 were approved as presented. There was a brief review of information provided at that meeting by Road Agent Peter Furmanick regarding the use of salt on town roads. Ms. Connelly reviewed her draft minutes of a Work Session held on 01/20/09. The minutes were approved as presented.


Permits & Other Correspondence

NH Association of Conservation Commissions: Dues for 2009

NH Timber Land Association: Dues for 2009

Plymouth State University project: Mr. Spencer noted receipt of from the Department of Environmental Services of an Alteration of Terrain permit application for the work at PSU; the comment period has expired. After brief discussion all agreed it would be good to ask that the park portion of the project be rated as a higher priority.

Intent to Cut Forms: Butler; Smith; Webster Land Corp; and Castonguay (supplemental). Mr. Spencer explained that he reviews the map & lot to determine if wetlands will be impacted. Several commission members expressed concern that the Compliance Officer be more involved in inspections of timber cuts.

DES Wetlands Application for repair of a concrete wall.

DES application noting receipt of documentation to complete an application for Littlejohn.

DES Shoreland Application: approval for Shields.

North Country Regional Council: dinner and presentation of 5 year strategic plan

Spring Conference: scheduled for 5/1/09

The Nature Conservancy: presentation -  “Saving Special Places”

Plymouth Congregational Church: presenting a film “Hot Spots” 2/17/09


Old Business

Discussion with Peter Furmanick: Mr. Spencer will contact Mr. Furmanick to discuss how salting occurs when going from a paved road to a town dirt road and the possibility of re-vegetation of road sides after the plowing season.

Commission Goals: They are clearly listed in the minutes of the 1/20/09 Work Session.

The Annual Report was submitted.

Parking at Pemi Riverside Park: Chief Patridge has posted no-parking signs.

2009 Warrant Articles: They have been included on the warrant.


New Business

Meetings: The next four Commission meetings will be held at 4:00 P.M. at Town Hall on March 10, April 14, may 12, and June 9.

NH Water Primer Workshop: The state is working on a water plan and received a grant to conduct ‘water primer’ workshops in local communities. The Commission and Squam Lakes Association will host a session on March 2, 2009 at SLA.

Winter Open House: There was no interest in having this event at this time.

Regional Setbacks: Earl Hansen, PB Chair, provided a list of setbacks of towns in the region.

Commission Goals: Priorities are focused on a Natural Resource Inventory and reviewing the Conservation Plan for consistency with the Town Master Plan. Ms. Connelly will review the existing inventory and Mrs. Cocchiaro will contact Rick Van de Poll regarding digitizing the prime wetlands. There was general discussion regarding the need for operating procedures for reviewing applications and the involvement of the Compliance Officer.


Other Business

Mrs. Cocchiaro moved, seconded by Ms. Jewell, to authorize Mr. Spencer to send a letter requesting the change of priorities for the PSU project. The letter will be signed by the entire Commission at the next meeting.

 March 10 meeting: Mr. Spencer, Ms. Connelly, and Mrs. Huff will bring laptop computers so all members can review the data available on the website and goals will be prioritized.



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:14 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,




Wendy J. Huff



Minutes Approved: not yet approved