PO BOX 203


December 9, 2008


Members Present: Janet Cocchiaro, Barbara Currier,  Anne Packard, Larry Spencer-Chair, and Betsy Whitmore

Members not Present: Shelagh Connelly and Jacqulyn Jewell

Others Present:


Call to Order

Mr. Spencer called the meeting to order at 4:00 P.M.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of 11/18/08 were approved as written.


Permits & Other Correspondence

NH Department of Environmental Services letter acknowledging receipt of information requested for a Dredge and Fill application for a dock from Littlejohn.

Press release from the State Geologist regarding geo-thermal wells.

Mr. Spencer reviewed pamphlets and guidebooks that will be placed in the Conservation Commission library in the upstairs meeting room.


Old Business

Minutes and agenda postings

It was agreed that approved minutes will be posted on the town website. An agenda will be posted one week prior to the monthly meeting.

Follow-up on items discussed with David Lorch-town planner

All permit applications received at town hall will be placed in a basket near Mr. Lorch’s desk for review by Commission members. A list of the permit applications received will be emailed weekly to Commission members.

It was clarified that the “second” Intent to Cut for Reynolds was a supplemental intent, required when the first intent estimate of wood to be cut is less than was actually cut. Mr. Lorch talked with the State Forester and will continue to monitor the situation.

Mr. Spencer sent digital copies of wetland maps to Mr. Lorch for possible inclusion on the town website.

Riverside Park parking

Mr. Spencer has not had a response from Chief Patridge to date. It was suggested that a Plymouth State University community group could be formed to monitor the area. Walter Johnson, Town Administrator, agreed to having the town mow the area during the summer, perhaps three times. Mr. Spencer will review the area with Mr. Thompson in the spring.

Planning Board meeting with Pemi River Local Advisory Committee

Mr. Spencer reported the meeting was informative and suggested having the PRLAC representatives attend a Commission meeting this spring.

Warrant Articles for Town Meeting

Mr. Spencer reviewed the two articles for possible inclusion on the 2009 Warrant. The first article would adopt the provisions of RSA 36-A:4a, 1(b), which would allow the Commission to contribute funds to qualified organizations to purchase property or property interests without retaining any interest in the property by the Town of Madison. The second article would adopt the provisions of RSA 36-A:4a, 1(a) which would allow the Commission to expend funds to purchase interest in land outside the boundary of the Town of Madison. Mrs. Whitmore moved, seconded by Ms. Packard, to ask the Selectmen to include these two articles on the 2009 Warrant. During discussion, the benefits of purchasing land or an interest in land outside the town boundary was explained, noting that such a purchase could be of regional impact. Motion passed.


New Business

Meeting dates

It was agreed that the meeting would be the second Tuesday of the month at 4:00 at Town Hall.

Annual Report

It was agreed to discuss the Commission contribution to the Capital Reserve at the January meeting. Mrs. Cocchiaro moved, seconded by Ms. Packard, to work on a draft for the annual report with Mrs. Whitmore. Motion passed.

Discussion with Peter Furmanick-Road Agent

Mr. Furmanick was unavailable for this meeting. He will be invited to the February meeting to discuss the town’s policy on use of salt and sand on the town roads.

Review of LCHIP properties

Mr. Spencer reported that Steve Walker, Department of Resource and Economic Development from the State, will be walking the three properties purchased with LCHIP funds: Riverside Park, Pilote Forest, and the Crawford property.


Other Business

Digital Surveys of Prime Wetlands

Mrs. Cocchiaro reported that she has obtained the names of three soil scientists who might be able to provide a survey of the prime wetlands. It was agreed that Mrs. Cocchiaro, Ms. Packard, and Mrs. Whitmore would draft a Request for Proposal which would include the following work: redefining the boundaries of the prime wetlands, marking the boundaries, digitally marking the boundaries (GPS), and incorporating the digital map as a layer into the town maps.

Commission Budget Review

The Selectmen will be reviewing the Commission budget on December 15, 2008. The budget is similar to prior year requests. Mrs. Currier will represent the interests of the Commission at the meeting.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,




Wendy J. Huff



Minutes Approved: Not yet approved