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Mintues: November 18, 2009


Members Present: Janet Cocchiaro, Shelagh Connelly, Anne Packard, Larry Spencer-Chair, and Betsy Whitmore

Members not Present: Barbara Currier and Jacqulyn Jewell

Others Present: David Lorch-Town Planner (5:00 P.M.)


Call to Order

Mr. Spencer called the meeting to order at 4:05 P.M.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of 10/13/08 were approved as written.


Permits & Other Correspondence

Intent to Cut forms were received from Merrill and Castonguay; there were no significant wetland issues.

The North Country Council questionnaire was given to Ms. Packard for review.

The Timber Association sent a request for a donation; this item is not budgeted for this year.

The monthly copy of the Timber Crier was received.

The Commission reviewed a Dredge & Fill for a dock extension from Littlejohn on Little Squam. A review by the NH Department of Environmental Services noted the application as incomplete.

A Shoreland Application by Shields in Cotton Cove for a new house was discussed. Although all the plans appear to meet the new shoreland regulations, concern was expressed for a review process by the Commission. It was agreed that Ms. Connelly would review the application with Squam Lakes Association interns as a case study and report at the next meeting.

Documents regarding a conservation easement were determined to be already approved and recorded.


Meetings and Training Courses

The Conservation Commission is meeting with the Planning Board on 11/20/08 to hear a presentation by Mike O’Donnell of the Pemi Local Advisory Board.

Mr. Hansen, chair of the Planning Board, has expressed his opinion that he is not in favor of reviewing zoning language regarding sustainable building for commercial projects. Mr. Spencer suggested asking for comments from the other members of the Board.


Old Business

Town Energy Committee

Mr. Spencer reported that work is progressing on the Public Safety Building: insulation, motion sensors on lights, and a heat distribution system. The Library Trustees have installed a small hot water system and are investigating adding more insulation. The Town Hall is not using the upper level for the winter and is installing compact fluorescent bulbs as existing bulbs go out. The costs will be offset by up to a $5,000 grant from the NH Electric Cooperative. The town is locked into a fuel oil cost of $4.29 per gallon due to a contract approved in June. The Police Department is rearranging its patrol routes to minimize the gasoline impact.

NH Association of Conservation Commissions

Ms. Packard and Mr. Spencer reported as follows: a trail seminar focused on maintaining the trails and bridges; a light pollution seminar reported beginning development of a House Bill to limit up-sky lighting for commercial projects; the new Shoreland regulations were reviewed; developers impacting wetlands near rivers ay into a fund for use by the local town (the Pemi fund is at $82,000); there are no vernal pool regulations at this time. Mr. Spencer further reported on a seminar explaining the new Right-to-Know regulations: members with any direct or indirect association with a project should recuse themselves from the discussion as a Commission member; public notice of a meeting may now be made on the town web site; no decisions may be made via email between members. Brief discussion ensued regarding making the town properties, conservation easements, and prime wetland maps available on the town website.

NH Watershed Conference

Mr. Spencer gave a brief report stating the conference discussed some sustainability issues.

Trail Work Day Report

Mr. Spencer reported that two small bridges ere completed along with trail clearing and pruning. Another work day will be scheduled for the spring. Mr. Furmanick was thanked for all his assistance.

Trail to Town Forest

Ms. Connelly described how the elementary school was exploring comprehensive land use maps. Also discussed was how the public land adjacent to the school was being maintained. Ms. Packard reported on awards distributed by the American Hiking Club.


New Business

December & January Meeting Schedule

The Commission scheduled their next meeting for Tuesday December 16th at 4:00. Mr. Spencer will circulate an agenda. The group would like Peter Furmanick to attend. The group will use this meeting to formulate their contribution to the town report. The group will review any new permits. Ms. Packard will run the meeting. The January meeting will be held on the 20th and Mr. Spencer will circulate the agenda.

Comprehensive Shoreland Permit Process – Discussion with Town Planner

There was general discussion regarding how the Conservation Commission would be involved in the process. It was agreed that any application received at town hall where construction activity may occur within the vicinity of wetlands (Shoreland, intent to cut, wetlands, subdivision, site plan, etc.) would be placed on a list that would include the map and lot number and that list emailed to the Commission members. The members would then make the time to come in and review the application to determine if the Commission would like to have input.

Parking Matters @ Pemi Riverside Park

Chris Buckley’s responsibilities regarding mowing the grass at the Pemi Riverside Park were discussed. There was concern about the how the park was being used as a parking lot for residents and others not using the park. The police chief will be notified about the problem.


Other Business

Discussion regarding how wetlands are delineated

There was interest in how other towns designate prime wetlands. The Commission would like to continue the effort to add prime wetlands to the Town computer mapping. There was discussion about which of three sets of prime wetlands to use. It was agreed to start with the most recent mapping effort.

Moose Plate grant program

The new cycle starts July2, 2009 and the cut-off date is October 3, 2009


The NHCA will be contacted regarding the use of wetland evaluation methodology.


Mrs. Whitmore will investigate the non-conforming dock on Perkins Lane. A notice was received from DES.


Discussion regarding a swap shop indoors at the town recycling center ensued.


There was discussion regarding tracking the monitoring of the LCHIP conservation land and other protected parcels. Mrs. Whitmore suggested that a folder be maintained for each parcel which would hold a record of any activity.


The group discussed the topics assigned to each monthly meeting such as an article for the Town Report, etc.


Next year one meeting should be dedicated to review and assessment of what is on the Conservation Commission Website and any changes needed.


There being no further business, the Chairman adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted,



Wendy J. Huff



Minutes Approved: Not yet approved