Town of Holderness, NH

Conservation Commission Meeting

October 21, 2008

Town Office


CALL TO ORDER:   The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m. by Chairman Spencer.


PRESENT:  Larry Spencer, Betsy Whitmore, Shelagh Connelly, and Anne Packard.


OTHERS PRESENT:   Anne Abear (municipal secretary)


MINUTES:   The minutes of June 17 and September 16, 2008 were approved as presented.


MAIL & CORRESPONDENCE:  Chairman Spencer reviewed the following -


1.      Several intents to cut were reviewed.

2.      The Holderness Harbor LLC wetlands expedited permit which was approved on May 20 was reviewed along with several items of correspondence from the State of NH DES.  Mr. Spencer advised the area of concern for the Commission on this project is the milfoil issue that has been identified in the cove.

3.      The Board discussed the dredge and fill application for map 241-046, property owned by Benson Anderson Trust.  The application was found by the State to be administratively incomplete in April and by July was found to be complete.

4.      The Board discussed an expedited permit for map 231 lot 012 on Paugus Road.  The last correspondence from the State advised more information was needed.

5.      The property of David Moore which applied for a shoreland permit variance was approved as of July 8, 2008.

6.      The property of Robert Wise, map 235 lot 005 received approval of a shoreland permit on 9/12/08.

7.      A copy of a letter was received for the State advising the owners of map 102 lot 057 was in violation of RSA 482 in which a U-Dock and ramp was found to be put on the property without a permit.  The letter advised the dock and ramp must have been removed by 8/29/08.  Mr. Spencer explained that the Town has no involvement with the installation or inspection of docks.  Mrs. Connelly recommended the State be contacted to determine who reported the issue on this dock and to advise them of SLA’s resource of the shoreline review. 




1.      A web soil survey meeting will be held on October 22.

2.      The NH Association of Conservation Commissions will hold their annual conference on November 1, 2008 in Concord.

3.      NH Watershed meeting will be held on November 15, 2008 also in Concord.




1.       September Joint Meeting – Mr. Spencer reported that the joint meeting was well attended by several members of local area commissions and believed the meeting to be very positive and appreciated.

2.       Summer CSPA Meeting – Mrs. Connelly reported on this meeting advising it also was very well attended.




1.                             Meeting with Town Road Agent – Since Mr. Furmanick was unable to attend this meeting; the Board will request he be at the next scheduled meeting in November.

2.                             White Oak Pond Property Conservation Easement – Mr. Spencer moved to have the Conservation Commission take over the management of the White Oak Pond property consistent with the management of other Town easements.  Anne Packard seconded this motion.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion passed.

3.                             MVSB Conservation Account – Mr. Spencer advised this account currently has a balance of $1,435.89 and the bank has advised since the account has been dormant for some time, they will begin assessing a fee of $5/month.  Mr. Spencer advised this account is under the control of the Commission and if the account is moved into the other accounts of the Town, the Commission would not have the ability to spend funds from this account without going through the Town’s bookkeeping process.  Mrs. Connelly recommended placing this account in with the other Town accounts and to track the interest as a percentage of interest received overall.  Mr. Spencer advised he felt the account may earn more interest if it was set up as a money market account.  Mr. Spencer moved to have the Town Treasurer place $10 into this account to remove the status of it being dormant.  Ms. Packard supported this motion.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion passed.

4.                             2009/2010 Budget – Mrs. Connelly moved and Mr. Spencer supported to request the same budget as last year in the amount of $2,800 for the Commissions expenses.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion passed.  Mr. Spencer discussed the request of $200 from PERLAP who is having financial difficulties at this time.  Mrs. Connelly discussed her concern with this non-profit organization paying professional service fees to another outside non-profit organization.

5.                             Trail Work – A tentative date of November 16 from 12 – 4 has been set to work on the Pilote forest trail.  Mr. Spencer has attempted may time to reach Mr. Pettit with no avail.  He will continue his attempts to reach Mr. Pettit.

6.                             Fall & Winter Schedule – The November meeting of the Commission will be held on November 18.  The December meeting will be held on December 16.  Both meetings will be held at the Town Office at 4:00 p.m.



1.      Mr. Spencer advised he received a resignation from Nancy McDonald and discussed filling her position.  Mrs. Whitmore recommended Mrs. Connelly become the full member to replace Mrs.  McDonald. 

2.      The Board will be requesting Mr. Lorch, Town Planner to attend the next meeting of the Commission to discuss issue related to the Comprehensive Shoreland Act and its implementation..

3.      Mr. Spencer discussed the USDA Forest Service grant application which can be utilized to maintain trails.  Ms. Packard agreed to look into this application.

4.      The Division of Forest and Lands is proposing funding for the coming year on specific projects.  Mr. Spencer agreed to look into this proposal.

5.      The moose plate funding grant applications have being distributed.  Ms. Packard agreed to work on this application.

6.      Ms. Connelly and Mr. Spencer have considered meeting with the Holderness School to discuss the consideration of acquiring a lease from the Melanson’s on Perch Pond Road.  Leasing this land would allow access to the property for the purpose of its use for sporting events and working on a trail system with access to Perch Pond Road.

7.      Mr. Spencer discussed the State of NH DES flood commission’s report of 1/17/08 which discussed flood hazard areas and the proposed disallowance of projects within flood zones.  Mr. Spencer advised if the proposals in the report are accepted, it would hinder the projects planned by the college for their Wellness Center.  The report can be viewed at  Once the website is opened, look for “What's new" at the bottom of the page.


ADJOURNMENT:  Mr. Spencer adjourned the meeting at 5:15 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, Anne M. Abear Municipal Secretary