To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


Date:  24 January 2007


Re:  18 January 2007 meeting (6:30 upstairs, Town HaLL)



Minutes of the meeting:


   1. Approval of Minutes from the December meeting (these are posted on the website: Approved as distributed

   2. Permits and other matters

a. The RockywoldDeephaven permit was okayed.

b. Reynolds Project—Letter dated 27 December was received from DES. It indicated six items that the Reynolds must answer prior to the 26th of April. If questions are not answered by that time, the permit will be denied. One question was related to our inquiry as to whether an alternative route existed that was located on higher ground.

c. Receipt of the NH Floodplain Management Handbook—Chair will take home to read and bring back to next meeting of the Commission

d. Letter from received from the New Hampshire Timber Owners Association indicated our membership in the association had been activated.

   3. Up Coming Meetings and courses.

a. The meeting began at 6:30 pm in the upstairs meeting hall with a presentation of the “Final Report of the Commission to Review the Effectiveness of the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act”. This document, dated 30 November 2006, was described to a joint meeting of the Commission and the Planning Board by Robert Snelling, a member of the review commission. A number of proposals were described including one related to buffer zone vegetation. Bob indicated that the NH House and Senate will be taking up some of the issues mentioned in their coming session.

   4. Old Business

         a. Progress with respect to future trail work on Pilote Property—E-mail from Reggie Pettit was described. He, Anne Packard and Jennifer Preiss(of the Forest Service) examined the trail on the Pilotte Property to determine what needs to be done. The USFS is willing to loans tools and machines to do work on the trail. Much of the problem with the trail is associated with poor cross-trail drainage. Work should be done late summer or early fall to avoid “boggy-ness”.

         b. Reynolds property status—See item 2b.

         c. Filing of materials—Anne reported that she had been working on the filing of materials. Papers are now filed by map section/lot number, which will make things easier to reference, particularly if properties change hands.

         d. 2007 budget—Barbara Currier noted that our request for $5000 for the Conservation Fund was approved and will be part of the budget request at the Town Meeting.

         e.. Sign on Conservation Easement—Sign has been straightened. Nancy will look into getting rid of the “spot”. Barbara had called Jim Mardis twice, but he never returned her call.

         f. Carbon initiative warrant article—Barbara was unsure as to whether the Selectboard had agreed to put the article on the agenda. She would find out on Friday and if not, the Chair will meet with the Selectboard on the 22nd for a second request. The commission voted unanimously, to request that the Selectmen add the resolution.

g. Continued planning for March meeting on Vernal Pools with a follow-up April workshop on Vernal pools—No change in status.  Chair will contact people at Squam Lakes Science Center and other groups.

   5. New Business

         a. Possible discussion with Alex Ray about conservation easements—Chair had contacted Alex and will continue to do so, until meeting can be arranged.

            b. Two intents to cut have been filed, both in east Holderness

            c. Nancy McDonald had forwarded the Chair an e-mail from Dave Leathers (Spill response complaint investigation section, DES). A Green Yards follow-up inspection had been made at Royea’s Auto Salvage Yard. Final report will be sent to the owner and to us, when that report has been finalized. Barbara indicated that the Selectboard would like to be kept informed on this matter, as they have also been dealing with it. Nancy has been following the issues and indicated that she would inform the commission as to when the report was received and as to other transformations at and adjacent to the junkyard.

            d. Following a brief discussion, it was decided that the Commission should sponsor a regional meeting of local commissions in April or May with the topic dealing with the 20 question sheet that Jacque had received from DES education outreach person. We will make plans on this at a future meeting.

            e. A brief discussion was held on the concomitant meeting being held on Plymouth about a citizen generated petition to change their Environmentally Sensitive criteria.

   6. Other Business

            a. Our next meeting will be on the 15th of February at our regular time of 7:00 pm.




In Attendance:  Barbara Currier, Jacque Jewell, Anne Packard, Nancy McDonald and Larry Spencer














CC members in attendance