Town of Holderness, NH

Conservation Commission Meeting

December 12, 2006

Town Office


CALL TO ORDER:   The meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m. by Chairman Spencer.


PRESENT:  Larry Spencer, Barbara Currier, Reggie Pettitt, Jackie Jewell, Anne Packard (arriving at 7:25), and Janet Cocchiaro (arriving at 7:15)


OTHERS PRESENT:   Anne Abear, Municipal Secretary


MINUTES:   Minutes of the November 14, 2006 were approved as amended.




1.      Correspondence: 

a.      Town Report:  A memorandum was received and reviewed from Town Administrator Walter Johnson regarding the 2006 Town report request. 

b.      Outdoor Recreation Grant:  A notice from the State of NH regarding an outdoor recreation 50:50 matching grant was reviewed.  Mr. Spencer advised this grant could be used for bridges and other outdoor recreational trail maintenance needs. 

c.      Reynolds Wetlands Permit:  A letter has been received from NH DES acknowledging receipt of the letter from the Conservation Commission regarding the Reynolds property.

d.      McLoud Wetlands Permit:  A notice has been received from NH DES granting a wetlands permit for the McLoud (Map 241 Lot 020) property for the purpose of repairing a 22x39 pier, a 5x36 pier and extending another pier along Squam Lake.  This permit will expire November 8, 2011.

e.      Rockywold Wetlands Permit:  A minimum impact permit was received from Rockywold for the repair of their main dock.




1.      Mr. Spencer discussed an upcoming meeting scheduled for the Holderness Planning Board in which he is recommending members of the Conservation Commission attend due to the public hearing scheduled for the master plan, and proposed revisions to the subdivision and site plan review regulations.  Additionally, they will be discussing proposed Zoning Ordinance revisions which will add Waukewan Watershed District as an overlay to the Zoning Ordinance.  To protect aquifers, add permit and quantity fees for water to be removed from the Town of Holderness for commercial purposes, increase erosion controls to protect watersheds and private property, amend the flood plain ordinance as necessary to comply with the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program, and add septic system inspection requirement to ordinance for the protection of aquifers and surface waters.




a.      Butternut Lane Matters – No discussion took place.

b.      Pilote Property future trail progress – Mr. Pettitt indicated he sent an email to Ms. Preice of the NH Forest Service regarding the Pilote property.  Ms. Peirce has been on vacation and is due to return this week.  The forest service is more than willing to assist in the maintenance needs done along the Town trail.  Jackie Jewell indicated she spoke to Stanley Graton regarding the cost to replace a bridge along this trail.  Mr. Graton will meet with Ms. Jewell to discuss this further.  Mr. Spencer discussed the need to cut trees along the trail that have fallen down and the need to remove them from the trail.

c.      Reynolds Property:  Mr. Spencer announced he sent a letter to NH DES and believes Anne Packard also sent a letter.  Mr. Spencer indicated he also sent a follow up letter.  Ms. Jewell discussed the need for NH DES to know the upland access and advised Perch Pond Road is a scenic road and there is already an access that has been used by the Reynolds to log the area.  Ms. Jewell discussed an application for alteration of terrain in which she believes has been filed. Ms. Jewell disbursed a 20 common question handout from NH DES and announced Sandy Crystal of NH DES Wetlands Bureau would come to the Conservation Commission to discuss the needs of the department.  Ms. Jewell was requested to set up a time for Ms. Crystal to attend a meeting of the Commission.

d.      Boundary marking of the Pilote Forest - Mr. Spencer discussed the recent boundary walk he took with Tom Stepp for the Pilote Forest.  Most markers were found to be in place.  Markers that were not in place were replaced.

e.      Filing of materials – Mr. Spencer discussed the need to get the files in order for the Commission.  Ms. Packard, Ms. Currier and Anne Abear will begin working on this project.

f.        2007 budget – Ms. Currier stated the Commission did not need to meet with members of the Board of Selectmen due to the budget request for 2007 remaining the same as 2006. 


Anne Packard moved and Jackie Jewell supported to request the sum of $5,000 to go into the Commission’s capital reserve fund for the year 2007.  Vote was 5-0-1.  Motion passed.  Mr. Spencer will write a letter to the Board of Selectmen requesting this money be placed on the 2007 warrant.


g.      Sign for Conservation Easement – Mr. Spencer indicated he spoke to Nancy McDonald who advised she spoke with Peter Furmanick regarding the Conservation sign that needs to be cleaned and straightened.  Mr. Furmanick will straighten the sign when time allows.  Ms. Packard advised she attempted to clean the sign with a biodegradable cleaner and was unsuccessful.  Ms. Currier stated she would check with the company who created the sign to see if they would be willing to assist with the cleaning.





a.      Watershed Conference – Mr. Spencer discussed the watershed conference he attended on November 18 in Concord.  The conference one of was the best conference he’s attended.

b.      Alex Ray’s Property - Mr. Spencer had a conversation with Mr. Ray regarding a possible easement to the Conservation Commission.  Mr. Ray is considering the development of a portion of his property and has not decided whether an easement will be given to the Commission.

c.      Zoning Regulation Changes – The Board reviewed the agenda of the planning board for their upcoming meeting of December 21 and the proposals being made by the planning board for amendments to the zoning ordinance.  Mr. Pettitt discussed the project of research being a good job for the students in the area, either high school or college. 

d.      Royea’ junkyard – The Board reviewed an email from NH DES regarding the State’s inspection of Royea’s junkyard.  Ms. Currier announced that the Selectmen and Town Administrator have been working closely with Mr. Royea to come into compliance with the agreement between the Town and Mr. Royea.  Ms. Currier felt that progress was being made between the Town and Mr. Royea.  The consensus of the Board was to have Ms. McDonald keep them updated on this issue.  Ms. McDonald will be requested to forward a copy of the email to the Town Office for the Selectmen.

e.      March meeting on Vernal Pools – Mr. Spencer discussed a meeting that took place between himself and representatives of Squam Lakes Association and PSU.  The gathering was to discuss the need to have a meeting in the spring and to invite the public to get in involved in locating vernal pools.  The Board discussed the need to have a cooperative effort with the Squam Lakes Association and the Science Center for this project.  An announcement will be made at the 2007 Town Meeting letting the public know what the project will entail and what assistance will be necessary.

f.        Annual Report for the Town – The Board reviewed the 2005 Town Report for the Commission and made changes for the year 2006.

g.      Meeting dates for 2007 – The Board decided on the following dates for their meetings:  January 18, February 8, March 8, April 12, May 10, and June 14.




a.      Reggie Pettitt - Mr. Spencer read a resignation received from Mr. Pettitt effective immediately.  The Board accepted this resignation with regret.

b.      Carbon Coalition Resolution – Mr. Spencer read a resolution request for the 2007 Town Warrant.  The resolution is to go on record in support of effective actions by the President and the Congress to address the issues of climate change which is increasingly harmful to the environment and economy of NH and to the future will being of the people of Holderness.  Ms. Currier requested a copy of the resolution be sent to Administrator Johnson to bring to the Board of Selectmen at their next meeting. 


Jackie Jewell moved and Anne Packard supported sending the Carbon Coalition Resolution to the Selectmen asking them to place the resolution on the 2007 warrant.  Vote was 5-0-1.  Motion passed.


c.      Pemi Fish & Game Club – Mr. Pettitt discussed a telephone conversation which he spoke to Dr. Fred Allen of the Pemi Fish & Game Club.  Mr. Pettitt relayed the request of Dr. Allen in which any future visits to the Club will require a written letter indicating what areas will be reviewed and the purpose of the visit.  All visits will be restricted to those areas.  Mr. Spencer suggested writing a letter to Dr. Allen to get communication started on a trail system that could be established between the town forest and Mount Prospect across Fish & Game property.  Mr. Pettitt does not recommend a letter be written at this time to Dr. Allen.



ADJOURNMENT:  Mr. Spencer moved and Mr. Pettitt supported adjourning the meeting at 9:08 p.m.  Vote was unanimous (6-0).  Motion passed.



Respectfully submitted,

Anne M. Abear

Municipal Secretary