Town of Holderness, NH

Conservation Commission Meeting

November 14, 2006

Town Office


CALL TO ORDER:   The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m by Chairman Spencer.


PRESENT:  Larry Spencer, Anne Packard, Nancy McDonald, Janet Cocchiaro and Reggie Pettit


OTHERS PRESENT:   Anne Abear, Municipal Secretary


MINUTES:   Minutes of the September 20, 2006 were approved as written.  Minutes of October 10, 2006 were approved as amended.




1.      Mr. McLoud (Map 241 Lot 020) – Mr. Spencer read the letter received from NH DES regarding the minimum impact permit for this parcel.  Mr. Spencer indicated he met with Mr. McLoud to discuss what he would like to accomplish at his property.  The Board will not take any further action on this issue and will wait for DES to confirm the items required to be addressed in their letter have been taken care of.


2.      Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds:  (Map 221 Lot 006)  The Board discussed the standard dredge    

and fill application that according to a letter from NH DES has been administratively accepted and complete.  The Board discussed a letter that the Commission drafted in which will be sent to NH DES requesting they refuse the request to issue a permit as this area is recognized by the Town of Holderness as a seasonally flooded area (as many as six times per year) and an important groundwater recharge area.  The area is within the Squam Lake watershed and within view of two designated scenic roads (Perch Pond and Beede).


Further, a Blanding’s turtle was discovered in the area of the proposed project.  This turtle was identified by NH Dept. of Fish and Game.   The finding is noted to be the northernmost sighting of this species in New Hampshire.  Blanding’s turtles are rare and currently endangered in some northern states.  Their preferred habitat is a wetland with standing water.   The primary threat to this rare species is fragmentation or complete loss of habitat.  Area residents report a vernal pool in the area of the proposed excavation.  On the maps prepared for the Town by the Lakes Region Planning Commission the co-occurrence values in this area are high. 


The Reynolds’ application addresses only a small portion of the overall wetland and does not consider the impact on the wetland as a whole or areas downstream.  The Commission believes that filling in part of this wetland will result in increased flooding in the rest of the area and damage downstream.

Anne Packard moved and Reggie Pettitt supported sending the letter to NH DES regarding the Reynolds property as presented.  Vote was unanimous (5-0) Motion passed.


3.      Mr. Spencer recommended the Conservation Commission consider meeting with the Planning Board in the near future to review the Zoning Ordinance.


4.      Mr. Spencer acknowledged receipt of a memorandum from Town Administrator Walter Johnson dated 11/13/06 regarding intent to cut notifications and the law that must be followed by the Board of Selectmen regarding the issuing of the permits.


5.      Mr. Spencer discussed an email that was forwarded to all members from Earl Hansen and the Waukewan Watershed which is the Town of Meredith’s drinking water source.  The article addressed the concern of oil storage containers.  Mr. Spencer will request this article to be placed up on the Town’s website.




1.      November 18, 2006 – rivers meeting in Concord at DES




1.      Butternut Lane – Mr. Spencer advised he received notification from Mr. Francesco indicating the landscaping at the Angela Francesco property on Butternut Lane has been appropriately covered and seeded.

2.      Pilote Property Progress – Mr. Pettit will discuss this further at a future meeting.

3.      Moose Grant Application - Mr. Spencer announced that it is too late this year to submit for this grant, but he has been in communication with Stacey Luke of the Squam Lakes Association who recommends the funds be used in the future to locate all vernal ponds.  The Board felt this to be a great idea for the funds and an inventory should be established.  Mr. Spencer also discussed marking the locations of the Town’s conservation land by purchasing signage. 

4.      GIS Program update – Mr. Pettit discussed the involvement that the Holderness School is hoping to have with the GIS program.  Mr. Pettit has purchased a school and library license for the current program being used by his organization. Mr. Pettit advised Mr. Johnson is checking into a lease of license that could be used for cooperative purposes.  Mr. Spencer recommended the park near the Holderness Prep School be the first area to be reviewed with the new software.




1.      Report of the NHACC Meeting of 11/4/06   Mr. Spencer indicated the meeting was the best meeting that he has attended in quite some time and gave the Board an overview.


2.      PSU Meeting of 11/8/06    Mr. Spencer discussed the proposal of PSU for an all well center that will be located within the current field house and along River Street.  The renovated facility and new addition will encompass a skating rink, new pool and other wellness activities that will be available for the community. 


3.      Pilote Forest:    Mr. Spencer discussed the meeting to be held between himself and Mr. Tom Stepp on the Pilote Forest on Friday, the 17th of November.


4.      2007 Budget:   Mr. Spencer reviewed the current expenditures for the year 2006 and made a proposal for the 2007 budget for the Board to review.  Anne Packard moved, Janet Cocchiaro supported and the vote was unanimous to request the amount of $2,950 for the year 2007 budget for the Holderness Conservation Commission.  Mr. Pettit discussed adding additional funds to the Conservation Commission budget to assist in the GIS program being developed.  Mr. Spencer advised he would speak with Walter Johnson to see if additional funds needed to be added to the conservation budget for that purpose. 


Members of the Board discussed the land use change tax revenues which are scheduled to go into the capital reserve account designated for the year 2007.  The Board encouraged the Selectmen and the Town to follow through with this appropriation.  Mr. Pettit discussed using the funds within the capital reserve account to educate the community. 




1.      NE Storm Water Technology Workshop:   Mr. Spencer discussed a show in Massachusetts entitled NE Storm water Technology Workshop scheduled for December 13, 2006.

2.      Conservation Signage:  Ms. McDonald discussed the need to clean and straighten the E. Holderness Road sign.  The Board requested Ms. McDonald contact Peter Furmanick to see if this could be taken care of by the highway department.


ADJOURNMENT:  Mr. Spencer moved and Mr. Pettit supported adjourning the meeting at 8:25 p.m.  Vote was unanimous (4-0)



Respectfully submitted,

Anne M. Abear

Municipal Secretary