Town of Holderness, NH

Conservation Commission Meeting

October 10, 2006

Town Office


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m with a notation a quorum was not present until the arrival of Mr. Pettit at 7:50 p.m.


PRESENT: Larry Spencer, Jackie Jewell, Janet Cocchiaro and Reggie Pettit arriving at 7:50 p.m.


OTHERS PRESENT: Anne Abear, Municipal Secretary


MINUTES: Lacking a quorum of the Board they advised they did not have any changes to the September minutes and the minutes would be approved at the next meeting.




1.      Christine Renzi - A letter has been received from the State of NH DES indicating additional items are needed from Ms. Renzi regarding her wetlands permit prior to the State approving the permit. The Board discussed the process of when the Conservation Commission gets an opportunity to provide input on these permits. Ms. Jewell recommended a letter be sent to the State indicating the concerns of the Conservation Commission not having input on minimum impact permits.

2.      Mr. McLoud The Board advised a letter has been received from NH DES indicating they have received a wetlands application from Mr. McLoud and the State has 30-days to decide if more information is necessary from Mr. McLoud prior to approval.

3.      Webster Land Corp. Intent to Cut - The Board reviewed an intent to cut filed for Webster Land Corporation who owns land off Route 113. Further, Mr. Spencer announced that a telephone call or email will be sent to Anne Packard prior to the Board of Selectmen approving any future intent to cuts that are filed. This will allow the Conservation Commission to view the application and make recommendations if needed to accept or deny the permit to the Board of Selectmen.

4.      Reynolds Dredge and Fill Application - A dredge and fill application was viewed by the Board for the Reynolds property off of Perch Pond Road who have expressed an interest in subdividing their property in the future. The process for dredge and fill applications was explained to the other Board members by Mr. Spencer. Several questions were posed from Board members regarding this dredge and fill application. The application was given to Ms. Cocchiaro to review. Ms. Jewell and Mr. Pettit were asked to also review the application and offer input.



1.      November 4, 2006 annual meeting of the NH Association of Conservation Commissions in Concord

2.      November 18, 2006 rivers meeting in Concord at DES




1.      Butternut Lane Mr. Spencer advised he received an email from Mr. Francesco indicating the landscaping at the Francesco property on Butternut Lane will be taken care of very soon.

2.      William Russell Property This business will be discussed at the next meeting after Mr. Spencer meets with him.

3.      Pilote Property Progress Mr. Pettit will discuss this further at a future meeting.




1.      Meeting schedule The November 2006 meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. and the December 2006 meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

2.      Boundary Line Markers Pilote Forest - Mr. Pettit anticipates this will place sometime in November.

3.      Moose Grant Application - The Board viewed and discussed a grant application offered from the State of NH from moose permits. Mr. Spencer advised the State has approximately $200,000 available for grants and the application is due by November 17, 2006. The Board discussed possible areas that grant money could be expended such as widening trails, creating better maps of trails and to delineate easement areas and placing bridges that would be capable of holding horses and snowmobiles along the trails of the Conservation Commission. In order for the Conservation Commission to take advantage of this grant for the year 2006, Ms. Jewell offered to meet with Peter Furmanick and Mr. Graton to discuss prices for placing bridges where they are needed.

4.      GIS Program update Mr. Pettit discussed the involvement that the Holderness School is hoping to have with the program. Mr. Pettit indicated he met with Town Administrator, Walter Johnson and they have discussed sharing a license for the current operating system being used by the school. Further, Mr. Pettit indicated he received a copy of the RFP that has been sent out by the Town.

5.      2007 Budget Mr. Spencer discussed the need to work on the 2007 budget. The Board discussed possibly increasing the budget to encompass the cost of legal fees to acquire easements and the need to have funds available for matching grants.

6.      Filing of Materials The Board requested Mrs. Abear order file folders and cabinet hangers which will be used to place the Conservation Commission files in a more orderly fashion than they are currently.



1.      Plymouth field house and adjacent property - The Board discussed an email sent to Sara Jane Steen of Plymouth State University for Mr. Spencer regarding the Holderness interval project and the need to consider the flood zone area for the building adjacent to the PSU field house. The Board requested a copy of the email be directed to Town Administrator Johnson for the purpose of questioning his knowledge of any future plans of the university in this area.

2.      Appointment for Nancy McDonald Mr. Spencer moved, Ms. Cocchiaro seconded to support the request of Ms. McDonald to be appointed to the Conservation Commission. Vote was unanimous. (4-0). Ms. Abear was requested to advise the Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen of this decision.

3.      Forest law workshop - A forest laws workshop flyer was discussed and announced for anyone from the Board who may wish to attend.


ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Spencer moved and Mr. Pettit supported adjourning the meeting at 8:25 p.m. Vote was unanimous (4-0)



Respectfully submitted,

Anne M. Abear

Municipal Secretary