To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice

From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair

Date:  13 April 2006


Minutes of the meeting

  1. Minutes from the 15th of February meeting (these are posted on the website: were approved as distributed
  2. Permits and other matters
    1. Minimum Impact Expedited Application—Lake Forest Property Owners Association, Tax Ma #247, Block/Lot 44, Mark Hogan, season dock.  Length of property 462 feet. Signed by Anne Packard, 27 March 2006 (Received acknowledgement of request, dated 17 April, signed by Darlene Forst)
  3. Notice of Up Coming Meetings:
    1. April 2006—SPNF Meeting on Land Conservation. (no one attended)
    2. 24 April 2006Waukewan Watershed presentation at the Selectmen’s meeting (Chair will attend)
    3. 8 May meeting with Selectboard—chair will attend
  4. Old Business
    1. Butternut Lane matters
      1. The following motion was made by chair and seconded by Barbara Currier



That we accept Peter’s offer (as noted in 19 April 2006 site visit report of chair) to lower the section of the property adjacent to the end of the driveway to the property line of Theresa Long and to involve the commission in work that will lessen the steepness of the bank between that point and a point roughly 1/2 of the way back towards the power supply pole (this work would be under the supervision of the Chair of the commission) and that any bare slope surface would be fully stabilized by “best practice” methods.



It was agreed that we would carry out a vote by e-mail by 2100 Wednesday the 26th so as to allow commission members to make an on-site visit. Peter Francesco indicated that commission members were welcome to visit the property at any reasonable time and that if they called him before, he would meet them there.


    1. Letter to William Russell re property on Mt. Prospect (Chair)—to be discussed next meeting
    2. Progress with respect to future trail work on Pilote Property (Reggie)—progress is being made and perhaps a work day will be held early summer. Materials haven’t been delivered yet, but Mike at the lumber company has the slip on his loader.  He needs to days for cutting. Trailer to move materials is not available at the moment. Reggie called Peter earlier this week about getting materials. Suggestion was for a town-wide trail day.  Chair mentioned that he had talked with Tom Stepp about redoing borders of the Pilote Property.  He and Tom will schedule that project for the middle of the summer.
    3. Memo to Plymouth Conservation Commission and Planning Board—to be discussed next meeting
    4. Dembiec issue—Change resulted as a court decision in favor of new access to property
    5. Trail to school—need to schedule a joint meeting between chair, Jacque and Bobby Melanson this summer
    6. Reynold’s property—goes before Planning Board on the 20th of April.  New map (plan) based on walk the board took on the 26th of March
    7. Philosophical question from Reggie about town functioning. Out of the resulting discussion arose the suggestion of having a check box on building permits, driveway permits, septic permits, etc. that indicates that if property is next to or associated with conservation easement or prime wetland, they must contact the Conservation Commission.  Barbara will bring up that idea with the Selectboard as to how that process could be implemented.
  1. New Business
    1. Meeting and work schedule for the rest of the spring
      1. As mentioned above, possible trail day in early summer
    2. Discussion of meeting with Fred Allen—chair will write a letter to Fred based on the following items
      1. Questions associated with lead—Chair will include in this section that Anne Packard is willing to work with Fish and Game Club on this matter
      2. Question of current use—Chair will call Earl Hanson about this matter
      3. Rehabilitation of quarry edge
      4. Willingness of the commission to work with club, particularly on trails, etc.
    3. Discussion of access to private property-A short discussion was held on this matter as Fred had mentioned unauthorized access to the Fish and
      Game club. Chair stress to the commission, that we must contact property owner before visiting properties, unless we are the owners of or are participants in the easement. If there, it is good practice to call the easement owner.
    4. Green Map idea from Earl Hanson—Chair mentioned that PSU had done such a project in previous year.  Good idea, but who would push it?
  2. Other Business


Spring Meeting Schedule:

17 May 2006

21 June 2006




CC members in attendance

Larry Spencer, Barbara Currier, Anne Packard, Reggie Pettitt, Jacque Jewell


Peter Francesco, Theresa Long