To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice

From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair

Date:  13 February 2006


Tentative Minutes

  1. Approval of Minutes from the 15th of December meeting (these are posted on the website Action:  Approved with small corrections (dealing with spring meeting times)

  1. Permits and other matters

Permit for Sara-Jane Dembiec.  Granted permit for 3450 sq feet of fill with 17’ 18” culvert to construct new road to property. Approved by DES 18 January 2006. Brief discussion on this matter. Most of us thought that earlier message from DES was to not grant new access across woodland wetland. Anne will check her records to see if she can find past notice on this.


  1. Up Coming Meetings:
    1. 15th of March 2006—Town Meeting.—We will not have a meeting on the 15th.  Chair will be out of town from the 17th to the 27. Reggie will be in town and if there are any pressing matters, he will call a special meeting.
  2. Old Business
    1. Peirce-Beij Easement (Chair)—As far as Barbara knows, the town responded to the letter from Roger and a check was sent to cover some of the legal costs.
    2. Letter to William Russell re property on Mt. Prospect (Chair)—Chair has not heard with respect to first letter sent. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that Chair should draft an informal letter reminding Mr. Russell that the commission would still like to meet with him and to explore his property.
    3. Progress with respect to future trail work on Pilote Property (Reggie)—Reggie spent $875 on timber, logs and hardware. The lumber is presently uncut, but will be cut as soon as details with respect to storage can be negotiated with Peter Furmanic. Peter has volunteered flatbed and space at the town sheds and when those details are worked out, Reggie will have the mill cut the lumber and bring it to the town sheds for storage. Brian Blais (former Plymouth Conservation Commission member and Forest Service employee) is willing to work with Reggie and the commission on the trail. Reggie will escort him through the property to get his input as to what needs to be done. This will take place when access to the trail is better.
    4. Letter to Fred Allen of the Pemi Fish and Game Club (Chair--This was copied to you in December)—After discussion, it was agreed that the chair will contact Fred to arranged for an April meeting (hopefully at 6pm for roughly an hour). Thus our April meeting will probably start at 7:30 rather than 7:00.
  1. New Business
    1. Meeting schedule for the rest of the spring—see below
    2. Motion from Barbara Currier with respect to the Holderness 2000 proposal (This information was previously sent to you, but Walter feels we need to make it a formal agenda item for our February meeting).—It was moved by Barbara and seconded by chair that


“The Commission endorses the Selectman’s proposal to accept the Holderness 2000 property adjacent to Curry Place.”

The vote was 4-0-0 with one absence. Since Jacque have voted by e-mail, the Chair notes the vote is unanimous in favor of the proposal.

Chair will notify Walter Johnson of this vote.


    1. The joint meeting with the Planning Board, ZBA and Selectboard was briefly discussed.  Barbara will remind the Selectboard. The thoughts of the group were to have this meeting sometime in April on a Monday night and that the Selectboard will arrange the time and the place.
    2. Chapel of the Holy Cross, Holderness—Notice was received that this location was entered into the National Register of Historic Places.
    3. Questionnaire from Grafton County Commissioners—GCC is interested in feedback about the county center in Woodsville. Reggie, Jacque and I will send our responses to the County Commissioners for their long range plan
    4. Meeting on Land Resources on the 22nd of March at DES (8:30 to 3:45)—No one expressed any interest in attending.
  1. Other Business
    1. Report of the January meeting with other conservation commissions.—Good turn out and good discussion. Reggie mentioned whether we should work with other commissions on things that affect the area (e.g., the Lowes on the Baker River flood plain). It was agreed that perhaps we should write  a memo of support and send to other area commission for their endorsement. Chair will draft such a memo and either bring to April meeting or send to the HCC members for their input prior to sending it to the other local commissions. Points to be noted in the memo would be how actions that one polity may make that have affects on other polities, particularly those downstream from the action.
    2. Report of the 8 February meeting concerning the Pemi River Project—The Center for the Environment sponsored the meeting. A variety of individuals attended and discussed actions not only in Plymouth but also in Holderness and other river towns. A PSU CFE graduate student will be coordinating the project. The chair noted to the attending group, that it would be silly for Plymouth to do something to the riverside without taking a holistic view of the river corridor and particularly involving Holderness folk in the planning process.
    3. Anne brought up the matter of the Reynold’s proposal. They have asked for an extension. Anne mentioned a memo from Steve Whitman about what the Planning Board can request of the developer. Jacque should forward the memo to Earl Hanson.
    4. Barbara reported that there will be a warrant article for $4300 to be put in the Town Conservation Fund. There was some discussion that the town should if the penalty tax doesn’t come to 10,000 add town money to the pot in order to increase the Conservation Fund to the point where the fund is actually viable. She noted that our request for an additional $2000 for legal uses was not granted, but mentioned that the Selectboard would consider on a case by case basis if we need additional monies for legal fees.
    5. A brief discussion of the Butternut Lane matter was held. Chair will send a memo to Peter asking his attendance at our April meeting and asking for him to respond to item #7 of the 19th of December. Memo should indicate that if we feel the responses and resolution of the issues are not what we feel proper for a town held easement, we will forward the matter to the Selectboard for their decision. Chair will send memo to commission for approval prior to sending it to Peter.


Winter Meeting Schedule:

 15 March 2006—No meeting. Town Meeting

19 April 2006—Possible 6 pm meeting at Pemi Fish and Game. Regular meeting at 7:30

17 May 2006

21 June 2006




CC members in attendance

 Reggie, Anne, Barbara and Chair.  Visitor:  Theresa Long