To:†††††††††† Members, Holderness Conservation Commission

CC:††††††††† Selectboard, Town Administrator, Town Compliance Officer

From:†††† Larry T. Spencer, Chair, HCC

Date:††††† 12/14/2005

Re:††††††††† Minutes of Special Meeting held on the 1st of December at 2:30 pm in the Town Hall


The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 2:30 pm. In attendance were:


Larry T. Spencer, Chair; Barbara Currier, Selectboard Representative; Jacque Jewell, Commissioner; Anne Packard, Commissioner; and Reggie Pettitt, Commissioner.


Items discussed:


1.        The commissioned examined the permit granted to the Pemigewasset Fish and Game Club (dated 22 July 2005 with supplemental intent to cut dated 3 October 2005). As a commission we felt the PFGC to be out of compliance with respect to the permit because:

a.        Information from permittee indicates that the club is intending to build another shooting range on one section of the cut. The permit only grants a cut for forestry purposes.

b.       The area of the cut is adjacent to a designated prime wetland and it seems from photos taken (by the Town Compliance Officer and by one of the commissioners) that best management practices have not been followed. There were also some questions as to whether a significant buffer has been left between the cuts and the prime wetland.

c.        Due to the heavy fall rains, there is considerable flow going towards the prime wetland from the region of the cuts. It doesnít appear that best management procedures were followed for crossing standing and running waters in order to complete the cuts. Also from the photos, it appears that no siltation barriers have been used.

The commissioners asked Barbara Currier to take up these mattes with the Selectboard and with the Town Compliance Officer.

2.        The commission then discussed the Rollin and Paula Reynolds development on Perch Pond Road. Jacque Jewell and Anne Packard attended the 19th of November site visit arranged by the Planning Board. We have been requested for written response for the Planning Board before their 15th of December meeting. We discussed the wetlands adjacent to Owl Brook, the question of slopes on the property and potential layouts for common road, site driveways, and houseand septic system locations with respect to slopes and wetlands. The commission voted four to zero to adopt the memo that is attached to the minutes (Jacque Jewell recused herself from the vote as she is a property abutter).

3.        The chair mentioned that he had yet to receive a response to our letter to Peter Francesco and that if he hadnít received it by the 2nd of December, he would e-mail Peter and about the matter. His response or lack-there-of will be on our agenda for the 15th of December meeting.