To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice

From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair

Date:  13 November 2005


Minutes of the 27 October Meeting

  1. Minutes of the 15th of September meeting were approved as distributed.
  2. Permits and other matters
    1. Continued discussion of Dembiec, Graton and Lessard items.
    2. Flenniken Propery—eroding embrankment. Jacque and and Anne made a June site visit, but didn’t talk to owner.
  3. Old Business
    1. Status of Master Plan—Chair contacted Samantha Tilton of LRPC. She said that the Natural Resources chapters were in the hands of the Planning Board. She also said that Mike Lizzard is the liaison person between the town and LRPC.
    2. Sale of property adjacent to Pilote Property? Conversation with Roger LaRochelle about same and about other matters in town.
      1. Chair talked with Roger on this matter. Alex does have a purchase and sales agreement. When he talked with Roger, he indicated that he might enact an easement for part of the property, but develop the remainder for homes (five to ten).
      2. Roger also indicated progress on the Peirce-Beij easement in East Holderness. The Commission approved the following motion:
        1. To contribute to the costs of the easement  from the $2000 sum in “Other Professional Services” component of the budget. Vote was 6 to 0. Note: The chair should indicate to Roger the sum of $1000 (this means that our previous motion about matching $500 from the selectmen by taking from our passbook and our book is negated.
  4.  New Business
    1. Preparation of 2006 Budget –The following budget was adopted by a 6:0 vote
      1. Training—250 (costs for most meeting are between 30 to 35 per person)
      2. Other Professional Services—2000 (We are looking into something similar to the community Environmental Outreach Program at UNH. This program has students do projects for local entities. The prices run from about 300 to 800 with 150 administrative fee) (We are also setting aside some money to pay possible legal or other fees associated with new easements in the community.)
      3. Dues and Subscriptions—300 (This covers membership in the NH Association of Conservation Commissions and the NH Timber Owners Association—The Pilote Property is a certified tree farm)
      4. Office Supplies—300 (Lockable file cabinet and hanging file folders)
      5. Books/Periodicals—100 (Handbooks for new conservation commission members)
      6. Total Request is 2950
    2. Annual submission of LCIP Monitoring Forms
      1. Anne and Jacque will do the Pilote Property and return form for next meeting
    3. Community Environmental Outreach Program—Discuss information in brochure from UNH. We should probably do something like this, but perhaps associate with the Center for the Environment at PSU rather than UNH. Note budget item in a.2.
    4. Conservation Commission Training Session—Woodsville. Chair will attend on behalf of the commission. Jacque will try to rearrange work schedule so she can attend also.
    5. NHACC—Chair is planning on attending, Reggie might go half day.
  1. Other Business
    1. Trail work on Pilote Property—Reggie will talk to some locals who have done such work for other communities. We can use the other $1000 in the “Other Professional” category. (Those materials should be purchased before 31 December, even if we don’t use them before then)
    2. Reggie mentioned an attempt to contact William Russell about his property on Mt. Prospect. He wasn’t able to make contact. Chair said that he would try (William Russell 781-259-4130 (office) 781-239-8604 (home).
    3. Salt and Sand on road—Brief discussion of this matter. Barbara will talk with Peter Furmanic.
    4. Mike will ask Sam Laverack about a 4 draw file cabinet.
  2. Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 pm


Fall Meeting Schedule:

15 December 7:00 pm Town Hall



CC members in attendance

Jacque, Anne, Mike, Reggie, and myself. Barbara Currier representing Selectboard