To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice

From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair

 RE: Minutes for the Commission Meeting, held 14 September 2005

Date:  26 October 2005


Agenda Items

  1. Notice of past meetings-went through Anne’s report of the meeting held on the 17th of August..
  2. Permits and other matters-nothing was in the mailbox
  3. Up Coming Meetings: Mentioned the meetings listed below
    1. NH Conservation Commissions
    2. Lake Meeting
  4. Old Business
    1. Status of Master Plan-Barbara did not know the status of the plan. Chair will call LRPC for further information
    2. Review of Crawford Easement with Jim Crawford and SPNF person-Chair mentioned that he had monitored the Crawford Easement.  Jim and one of his sons participated in the monitoring process.  Further details on illegal cut were mentioned by Rev. Crawford. We found all four pins that delineate the house lot portion of the easement. SPNHF person and I walked the boundary between the Crawford Easement and the Fabian-Berry Easement on the east side.
    3. Status of Dembieck project—no new information
    4. Sale of property adjacent to Pilote Property?—Rumor was that Alex Ray had bought the property.  Barbara will investigate this information
    5. Question from Meredith Conservation Commission person—Chair will call Earl about this matter.
  1. New Business
    1. Setting the meeting schedule for the fall
      1. Dates set were:  27 October, 17 November, 15 December. Thursday nights were chosen as Anne has a class on Wednesday night
    2. Letter from NH Beautiful Group—Chair mentioned letter from the group. We will talk more about this at the next meeting (adopt?)
    3. Pamphlet from SPNF—examined briefly.  Mike took it home with him, but will bring to next meeting so it can be passed on to other members. Pamphlet showed graphically the growth in the state.
  1. Other Business
    1. Letter from Plymouth about going together with Ashland about septic matters.
    2. If and when Chair talks with Fred Allen, he should invite Mike and Barbara to that conversation.
  2. Meeting ended at 8:05



CC members in attendance

 Mike, Barbara and Larry