To:     Conservation Commission Members                           cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:           Larry T. Spencer


RE:     Agenda for the Commission Meeting to be held 13 November 2002 at 1900 in the Town Hall

Date:  02 November 2002




  1. Approval of minutes of the October meeting.
  2. Reports on meetings and committees
    1. Transfer Station Relocation and Planning Committee--Anne Packard
    2. Meeting with the selectboard on 28 October 2002
    3. NHACC annual meeting--Concord, 2 November
  3. Permits and other matters. (to be determined by visit to mail box)
  4. Commission web site--report on continued progress (
  5. Open House at the Pilote and Town Forest properties.  Discussion of outcomes and reports from individuals (Betsey--Sandy Jacque--property owners re easement possibilities
  6. Continued discussion of and prioritization of suggestions made in the report submitted to us by George Frame (please read that report--it should have been sent to you by Dee).
  7. Questions about Valpey property.
  8. Work on budget for the coming year (see proposed 2003  budget)
  9. Fall schedule of meetings and events and jobs
    1. 23 November--Possible joint meeting with Campton Conservation Committee to discuss trails and other common items.
    2. December--annual report,
  10. Other business as needed.




CC members in attendance:








2002 Holderness Conservation Commission Members:

Lynn Johnson, Betsey Moran, Anne Packard, Jacque Jewell, Larry Spencer - Chair.