To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


Date:  12 February 2008


Re:  19 February 2008, 4 pm, downstairs, Holderness town hall,


Tentative Agenda Items


1.      Approval of Minutes of our last  meeting (Since there wasn’t a quorum, I’m not sure as to whether minutes were taken)

2.      Permits and other matters (mailbox check) 

3.      Up Coming Meetings and courses.

4.      Old Business

a.       Town Energy Committee Meeting-Larry

b.      Status of Warrant Articles from Planning Board

c.      Status of Conservation Fund funds

d.      Update of Royea’s

5.      New Business

a.       Schedule of 2008 Commission Meetings and Mailbox schedule planning

b.      Planning for Spring Vernal Pools Workshop (Tentatively scheduled for the 12th of April with 19th as snow date)

c.      June BioBlitz—Status of planning

d.      Possible meeting with Steve Walker of NH Office of State Planning (LCIP stewardship)

e.      Plans for April 3rd meeting

f.       Possible open house at Pilote and Town Forest on the Saturday after Town Meeting

6.      Other Business


Note:  The March meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 18th of March














CC members in attendance