To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


Date:  12 December 2007


Re:  13 December 2007, 4 pm, downstairs, Holderness town hall, Note: Due to scheduling conflicts, the meeting is scheduled for the afternoon rather than the evening


Tentative Agenda Items


1.      Approval of Minutes of our last  meeting (these are posted on the website:

2.      Permits and other matters (mailbox check) 

3.      Up Coming Meetings and courses.

4.      Old Business

a.       Status of Snowy Owl Woods Development—Larry

b.      Meeting with Selectboard on budget request--Larry

c.      Pilote Forest Trail Work Day—Larry

d.      Monitoring visit—Betsy and Larry

e.      Town Energy Committee Meeting-Larry

5.      New Business

a.       Schedule of 2008 Commission Meetings and Mailbox schedule planning

b.      Report on Phenology Workshop and planning for Spring Vernal Pools Workshop

c.      June BioBlitz—Should we act as a co-sponsor?

d.      Meeting with Wendy Werner, Town Recreation Dept. Director

e.      Meeting with David Lorch, the new compliance officer for the Town of Holderness (4:30)

6.      Other Business


Note:  The January meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 10 of January














CC members in attendance