To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


Date:  10 October 2007


Re:  11 October 2007, 7 pm, downstairs, Holderness town hall 


Tentative Agenda Items


1.      Approval of Minutes of our last  meeting (these are posted on the website:

2.      Permits and other matters (mailbox check) 

3.      Up Coming Meetings and courses.

a.       NHACC-First Saturday in November

b.      Annual Watershed meeting—2nd Saturday in November

c.      Climate Change Conference—12 October, Concord

4.      Old Business

a.       Snowy Owl Woods Project--Larry

b.      Review of the Vernal Pool matters--Larry

c.      Royea’s—Barbara and Nancy

d.      The intervale Elm tree--Larry

e.      Steep slopes (this was circulated by Anne Packard)


5.      New Business

a.       Pilote Forest Trail Work

6.      Other Business














CC members in attendance