To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice


From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair


Date:  10 September 2007


Re:  13 September 2007, 7 pm, downstairs, Holderness town hall 


Tentative Agenda Items


1.      Approval of Minutes of our last  meeting (these are posted on the website:

2.      Permits and other matters (mailbox check) 

3.      Up Coming Meetings and courses.

a.       NHACC-First Saturday in November

b.      Annual Watershed meeting—2nd Saturday in November

c.      Climate Change Conference

4.      Old Business

a.       Reynolds property status

b.      Sign on Conservation Easement-Nancy

c.      Town Energy Committee—Update, Larry

d.      Review of the Vernal Pool matters--Larry

e.      Royea’s—Barbara and Nancy

5.      New Business

a.       The intervale Elm tree

b.      Livermore Beach clean-up

c.      10 September 2007 meeting with Selectboard

d.      Peck expedited permit

e.      Restatement and formulation of commission policies

f.       Steep slopes documented (this was circulated by Anne Packard)

6.      Other Business














CC members in attendance