To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice

From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair

Date:  10 December 2006

Re:  12 December 2006 meeting (7pm, town hall, downstairs)


Tentative Agenda Items

  1. Approval of Minutes from the November meeting (these are posted on the website:
  2. Permits and other matters
  3. Up Coming Meetings and courses:
    1. 21 December—Planning Board Meeting
  4. Old Business
    1. Progress with respect to future trail work on Pilote Property (Reggie).
    2. Reynolds property status
    3. Boundary marking with Tom Stepp on the Pilote Forest—Tentatively scheduled for the Friday the 17th of November
    4. Filing of materials
    5. 2007 budget
    6. Sign on Conservation Easment
  5. New Business or reports of summer happenings
    1. Report on the Watershed Conference, Concord, November 18
    2. Possible discussion with Alex Ray about conservation easements
    3. Discussion of possible changes to Zoning Regulations (I’ve forwarded by separate e-mail Earl’s e-mail about the 21st meeting)
    4. E-mail from Nancy McDonald about DES responses on East Holderness Auto Yard
    5. Possibility of sponsoring a March meeting on Vernal Pools with a follow-up April workshop on Vernal pools
    6. Annual Report for Town Meeting
    7. January meeting
  6. Other Business







CC members in attendance