To:  Conservation Commission Members                    cc: Selectboard and Public Notice

From:  Larry T. Spencer, Chair

Date:  13 April 2006


Tentative Agenda Items—Note:  Meeting will start at 7:30 rather than 7:00 because of meeting at the Pemi Fish and Game Club

  1. Approval of Minutes from the 15th of February meeting (these are posted on the website:
  2. Permits and other matters
  3. Up Coming Meetings:
    1. April 2006—SPNF Meeting on Land Conservation.
    2. 24 April 2006Waukewan Watershed presentation at the Selectmen’s meeting
  4. Old Business
    1. Butternut Lane matters
    2. Letter to William Russell re property on Mt. Prospect (Chair)
    3. Progress with respect to future trail work on Pilote Property (Reggie).
    4. Memo to Plymouth Conservation Commission and Planning Board
  5. New Business
    1. Meeting and work schedule for the rest of the spring
    2. Discussion of meeting with Fred Allen
  6. Other Business


Spring Meeting Schedule:

17 May 2006

21 June 2006




CC members in attendance